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The cloud is the latest frontier in technology and virtual desktops are quickly gaining ground. Your computer desktop is no longer confined to a single physical computer. SwiftTech provides cloud hosted computer desktops for a monthly subscription fee. As a comparison, when you access your business email on Office 365 via a web browser, instead of MS Outlook software installed on your computer, you are using a cloud service. Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
operates similarly by allowing access to your cloud desktop and applications anywhere on any device.

Your company can create personalized virtual desktops for each user, and then configure operating systems and application software to their workplace procedural needs. Your staff can then access their desktops from their existing PCs, perhaps at the office and at home. Your workers can even access more than one desktop on a single PC. For example, a staff member can use a Windows 7 desktop for their everyday work and a Windows XP desktop to run legacy software.

Managing traditional desktops can be time consuming. Any malfunctions can lead to reduced efficiency, lost data, or lowered revenues. With SwiftTech's Desktop as a Service, we will take on the responsibility of maintaining security, upgrades, data backup, and storage so you won't have to.


Windows OS

Your virtual desktop will be set up on the Windows 7 Operating System.

Add-on Apps

You have the option to purchase apps in the desktop's marketplace.

Enterprise Virus Protection

We'll scan your desktop for security threats such as viruses, malware, trojans, adware, and more.

Microsoft Office Suite

You'll have access to Microsoft software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Data Storage

Store your files directly on the virtual desktop.

Ongoing Maintenance

We'll keep your desktop running efficiently by applying updates and patches.

Software Installation

We'll upload and installation your existing applications.

Backup & Recovery

We'll backup your desktop every 12 hours and restore in case of a disaster.

24/7 Remote Support

We can assist your staff around the clock with options to contact us by phone, email, web portal, and live chat.


SwiftTech DaaS Benefits:

  • Anywhere access on any device
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Predictable monthly fee
  • Reduced capital expense
  • Reduce onsite IT support requests
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Boosted security for compliance requirements
  • Centralized desktop management
  • Lowered energy costs
  • Customizable experience


For more information, call SwiftTech Solutions at 877-794-3811 or email [email protected] We’ll help you design the best Desktop as a Service option for your business.


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