Computerized Door Locks


Provide your employees safe and secure access to your business by upgrading from your traditional keylock system. A computerized door lock system offers added security to your business by using access control software to keep out unauthorized individuals. You can assign unique codes for each user, then see reports of which door they used at a certain time. Plus, you can delete the code when you no longer want an individual to enter your business.



This system is great for situations, such as:

  • Preventing theft of property, including computers and classified data
  • Controlling which employees have access to certain areas of your business
  • Keeping an out an angry ex-employee
  • Granting temporary access to a visitor
  • and more!



The systems available for computerized door locks include:


Stand-Alone Locks

stand alone locks


Biometric Systems

biometric systems


Proximity Readers

proximity reader






SwiftTech Solutions can help your organization pick the best computerized door lock system to fit your requirements and budget. For more information, you can call 877-794-3811, email [email protected] or click on the green live help tab on the left side of your screen to chat in real time.


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