Workstation Plans




Desktop Optimization

Desktops will be maintained by conducting disk defragmentation, removing unneeded files, and fixing hard drive errors.

Spyware & Adware Removal

Desktops will be protected against pop-up ads, spyware, Trojans, and other related bugs.

Online Asset Management

SwiftTech will track your inventory of the hardware and software your business owns.

Smartphone Support

We'll service your workplace iPhone and Android devices so your employees can work remotely with minimal interruption.

Windows Management

Windows security and feature updates will be deployed regularly.

Security Patch Management

SwiftTech will identify and patch security vulnerabilities.

VPN Client Management

SwiftTech will maintain and protect the customer's private network.

Anti-virus Software Management

We'll update your anti-virus program to latest version to protect against viruses and malware.

Drive Space Monitoring

SwiftTech will monitor the disk space usage, predict when capacity will be reached, and prevent full disk outages.

Scheduled Onsite Maintenance

A technician will come to your business once a month to inspect and update your workstation assets.

For more information about our workstation plans, please contact SwiftTech Solutions at 877-794-3811 or [email protected]


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Contact us at 877-794-3811 or [email protected] for Professional IT Support

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