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SwiftTech Solutions will ensure your practice's technology will stay available 24/7 so you can take care of your patients. We will provide remote and onsite maintenance of your IT systems while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations. We offer the following services and more:


  Hardware / Software Deployment: SwiftTech will deploy and maintain business hardware and software to ensure continued productivity.

  Cloud Computing: SwiftTech will help your business set up cloud services, such as Virtual Desktops, Office 365, File Management Systems, and much more!

  Technology Consulting: We'll guide you into the most sophisticated and cost effective technologies used in the business world today.

  Systems Upgrades & Repairs: SwiftTech will keep your systems running efficiently by either adding components to existing equipment and/or deploying the latest software updates.

  Remote/Onsite Support: Our skilled technicians can resolve many of the most common IT issues from our office. If needed, a technican will go directly to your office and provide hands-on tech support.

  Backup & Security: SwiftTech will protect your patient records by running regular backups and implementing HIPAA compliant security measures.

  EHR Consulting: We can help your practice select and implement an EHR program that will optimize your practice's workflow. We'll also contact the EHR vendor for service requests on your behalf.

  HIPAA Services: SwiftTech will assist your organization with preventing and reducing violations in your practice. We provide such HIPAA services as security risk analyses, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, compliance training, and development of policies and procedures.

  MIPS Incentive Consulting: We will help your practice get a MIPS score of 100 so you can earn your bonus. The average sized Medicare biller can earn $100K for their practice.

  Mobile Device Management: We will manage your mobile devices efficiently and protect sensitive data.

  24/7 Helpdesk Support: Our technicians are available around-the-clock to assist with any technical issues you may encounter. Your employees simply need to either call, email, or submit a ticket to request support.


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