Business Technology Analyst

Review your infrastructure, technology costs, software, hardware, and more.


Audit your IT infrastructure

Operating your business technology to function at its full potential can save your business thousands of dollars per year. We can provide a team of experienced business technology analysts for an in-depth study on your hardware, software, and other information technology-related costs. We can identify where we can consolidate your resources and reduce your IT expenses.

business technology analyst

What to Expect

Business Review

We'll interview your decision-makers regarding current IT use and business objectives.

Technology Assessment

We'll perform a comprehensive review of your IT systems and operations.

Solution Identification

We'll search for technologies that will improve service levels and boost profits.

Benefit & Cost Report

We'll present the benefits of each technology solution and the initial investment needed.

Telephony Costs Physical Hardware Network Backbone
Internet Costs PC/Laptops/Mobile Physical Cabling
Software License Costs Server Resources Server Room Environment
Service Costs Firewall Capabilities Firewall Capabilities
Web/Email Costs Switches/Hubs Backup Strategy
Internal Wiring Disaster Recovery
Network Speeds In/Out Web Exposure
Development Costs


Make better decisions about your IT

Gain a competitive edge

Increase productivity and profits

Increase customer satisfaction

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