Expert IT services for Escrow & Title

The real estate transaction process can be complicated process to complete, since a considerable amount of interchangeable third parties are working together. Plus, the buyer and seller must be able to trust their escrow company with their funds, documents, and instructions. Any missing documents, miscommunications, data breaches, and interruptions in accessing accounts can result in failures in title transfers. SwiftTech Solutions will help your escrow company strengthen work processes by selecting escrow management applications, set up email faxing and archiving, deploy Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, and much more.

  • Contract Management – Follow the letter of the contract as closely as possible
  • Business Intelligence – Respond to market changes quickly
  • Remote Office – Access office applications on own mobile device
  • Regulatory Compliance – Stay in compliance industry regulations including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • Data Protection – Protect client information and intellectual property
  • Data Storage – Store expanding escrow paperwork
  • Collaboration – Coordinate efforts with third parties smoothly

We help manage your client relationships in
an organized and secure manner.

Recommended Solutions

Access Policies

Create data access policies based on employee authority, location (work, home, public), and device (laptop, smartphone).

File Management Systems

Archive escrow paperwork with encrypted email archiving and cloud faxing.

Self-Service Browser Portals

For clients to fill out forms and request support.

Data Storage Solutions

Scan existing paperwork to a searchable and protected electronic database.

CRM Software

Use client management software to stay on top of the latest escrow developments.

Compliance Management Software

Keep up with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requirements.

Backup as a Service

Set up a data backup and recovery procedure.

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