Expert IT Services for Energy, Environment, and Green Companies

Energy companies must consider their environmental impact when doing business. Governments, consumers, and activists demand businesses to reduce non-renewable energy consumption. However, they must ensure the energy they generate is less than your equal to the price of power of the electrical grid. SwiftTech Solutions can help your company minimize costs, reduce waste, optimize asset performance, prevent outages, and reduce the reliance of human workers.

  • Cloud Solutions – Use the cloud to power connectivity/exchange information/store data
  • Business Intelligence – Access breaking political news/predictive analytics/collect data from different sources (equipment)/process big data/report in real-time
  • Equipment Security – Protect equipment against disasters and intrusions
  • Eco-Friendly Equipment – Purchase devices that reduces power consumption
  • Software Implementation – Streamline operations/improve production/lower distribution costs
  • Asset Tracking – Use artificial intelligence to monitor equipment conditions and forecast energy production needs
  • Accurate Recordkeeping – Ensure statements and records are accurate
  • Compliance Management – Create a roadmap for keeping up with industry regulations
  • Reputation Management – Respond to questions and feedback on social media

We can help your energy company streamline operations and meet growing demand with our technology solutions.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Services

Maintain and support devices to ensure uptime

Business Technology Analysis

Analyze business processes, run risk assessments, consolidate equipment, lower power use, reduce expenses

Security as a Service

Strengthen IT security by setting up endpoint protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, network monitoring, user access policies, and backup and disaster recovery plans

Cloud Solutions

Switch software tools from locally installed to cloud versions

File Management Systems

Use cloud file and email archiving systems

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect equipment data from disasters

Power BI Consulting

Consolidate data in one location and receive real-time business intelligence

Internet of Things

Automate tasks with internet-connected devices

Purchasing Assistance

Select environmentally friendly equipment with lower power utilization

Compliance as a Service

Find industry-specific software to maintain numerous standards and regulations

Our solutions to your business problems

SwiftTech Solutions works with clients from a variety of industries. We'll create a tailor made solution for the way you work.