Expert IT Services for Biotech and Life Sciences

Industry employees need to discover, develop, trial, manufacture, and commercialize new treatments. To do this, scientists must do their lab research continuously so they can meet tight deadlines. Also, biotechnology companies must follow various regulations including HIPAA and FDA regulations. SwiftTech Solutions can help your biotech and life sciences company use technology to improve the patient experience, drive innovation, streamline operations, reduce expenses, and shorten to-market times.

  • Collaboration – Meet with employees/scientists/partners/insurers/suppliers
  • Compliance – Follow changing HIPAA/FDA/USDA/EPA/MHRA regulations
  • Data Protection – Safeguard intellectual properties with backups and security
  • Cloud Solutions – Migrate applications and data to the cloud
  • Record Keeping – Manage paperwork for regulations and patent filings
  • Consistent Network Uptime – Keep network outages to the bare minimum
  • Computer Research – Use software to access research databases and scientific modeling

We can help your biotech firm drive innovation and
go to market quicker with our technology solutions.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Services

Maintain and support devices to ensure uptime

Business Technology Analysis

Analyze business processes and look for areas to cut costs

Network Management

Set up high bandwidth and wireless solutions around the office

Digital Workspaces

Deploy digital workspaces integrating client information, the latest news, emails, calendar appointments, communication system shortcuts, and network file access

Microsoft Teams

Enable workers to access chat, meetings, files, and apps in a single platform

Security as a Service

Strengthen IT security by setting up endpoint protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, network monitoring, user access policies, and backup and disaster recovery plans

Compliance as a Service

Find industry-specific software to maintain numerous standards and regulations

Unified Communications

Use a cloud phone system that includes voice, fax, SMS, video conferencing, and instant messaging

Power BI Consulting

Consolidate data in one location and receive real-time business intelligence

ERP Software

Use enterprise software for managing operations, inventory, assets, and market changes

Our solutions to your business problems

SwiftTech Solutions works with clients from a variety of industries. We'll create a tailor made solution for the way you work.