Expert IT Services for Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace organizations must manufacture aircraft, weapons, and instruments. This requires taking full advantage of advances in technologies, materials, and designs. However, these organizations must work with less government contract dollars and a smaller workforce. SwiftTech Solutions can help your organization streamline operations, adopt new technologies, reduce costs, and improve your competitive edge.

  • Process Automation – Integrate and streamline processes from development to delivery
  • Collaboration – Communicate with engineering/software developers/system admins/support specialists
  • Software implementation – Streamline operations/improve production/lower distribution costs
  • Asset tracking – Use artificial intelligence to monitor equipment conditions and forecast energy production needs
  • Business Intelligence – Predict maintenance cycles/collect data from different sources (equipment)/process big data/predict supply and demand/report in real-time
  • Powerful Devices – Use devices with graphics card/high amount of RAM/large storage capacity
  • Device & Data Security – Protect corporate secrets/business strategies/intellectual property from hackers
  • Supply Chain Management – Ensure efficient flow of equipment from one channel to another
  • Compliance Management – Create a roadmap for keeping up with various regulatory standards


AI and Analytics Services

We can provide advanced AI solutions tailored for aerospace and defense applications, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Help Desk Services

We offer responsive help desk support specialized in aerospace and defense, ensuring seamless operations and rapid issue resolution.

IT Consultant Services

We offer strategic IT consulting to streamline processes and implement advanced technologies in aerospace and defense operations.

Managed Cloud Services

Our cloud service can help securely migrate and manage your aerospace and defense operations in the cloud, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Managed IT Services

We provide comprehensive IT management services customized for aerospace and defense, ensuring reliability and compliance with stringent requirements.


SwiftTech Solutions can help integrate cutting edge technologies for your aerospace organization.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Services

Maintain and support devices to ensure uptime

Network Monitoring

Prevent outages by monitoring network activity around the clock

Business Technology Analysis

Analyze business processes, run risk assessments, consolidate equipment, lower power use, reduce expenses

Microsoft Teams

Enable workers to access chat, meetings, files, and apps in a single platform

Unified Communications

Use a cloud phone system that includes voice, fax, SMS, video conferencing, and instant messaging

ERP Software

Use enterprise software for managing operations, inventory, assets, and market changes

Internet of Things

Automate tasks with internet-connected devices

Power BI Consulting

Consolidate data in one location and receive real-time business intelligence

Security as a Service

Strengthen IT security infrastructure by setting up endpoint protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, network monitoring, user access policies, and backup and disaster recovery plans

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect equipment data from disasters

Purchasing Assistance

Find memory-intensive workstations and line of business software at a reasonable price

Video Surveillance

Install surveillance cameras with real-time internet viewing and playback

Our solutions to your business problems

SwiftTech Solutions works with clients from a variety of industries. We'll create a tailor made solution for the way you work.