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Property Management employees are entrusted with a number of responsibilities on a limited budget: collecting rent, fielding landlord and tenant requests, applicant background checks, maintaining the property, dealing with permit requirements, paying taxes, and staying current with industry-standard certifications. However, landlord/tenant challenges such as evictions, late payments, complaints, unauthorized property alterations, and public nuisances must be documented closely, since they could possibly lead to lawsuits. SwiftTech Solutions can help your property managers with selecting property management software, remote desktops, archiving inbound and outbound emails, and setting up web portals for tenant/landlord communications.

  • Life Cycle Management – Timely resource allocation for repairs/landscaping/trash removal/etc.
  • Conflict Resolution – Attend to tenant issues in the property they are renting.
  • Property Protection – Prevent disturbances and vandalism on property grounds.
  • Affordable Housing Compliance – Follow affordable housing requirements
  • Background Checks – Track a potential tenant’s rental/credit/criminal history.
  • Employee Supervision – Oversee employees including concierge and security personnel.
  • Licenses & Certifications – Follow state/county/city requirements.
  • Move Out Procedures – Administer move-outs process smoothly (inspection/cleaning/repairs).

We can help manage tenant and landlord needs
with our technology solutions.

Recommended Solutions

Property Management Software

Use a single program for bookkeeping, rent collection, invoice payment, asset tracking, facility maintenance schedule.

Self-Service Browser Portals

Set up tenant portals for paying rent, filling out forms, and requesting help.

Compliance Management Software

Keep up with safety, permitting, and affordable housing requirements.

Cloud Storage

Archive tenant and vendor paperwork with encrypted email archiving and cloud faxing.

Video Surveillance

Install surveillance cameras around the property with real-time internet viewing and playback.

Endpoint Protection

Set up and maintain security software for employee network, email, and web browsing.

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