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SwiftTech Solutions provides IT Outsourcing Services in Orange County. As an extension of your business, you will be able to subcontract your technology operations to our experienced and certified IT team. We will customize the delivery of your IT services so that it aligns with your business needs.

orange county it outsourcing company

Services Offered:

remote and onsite support

Remote & Onsite Support

We can deliver most of your staff's tech support requests directly from our office. Otherwise, we will send a technician to your location.
help desk support

Help Desk Services

Your staff can contact our help desk 24/7 by phone, email, live chat, or online portal.
onsite backup

Ongoing Maintenance

We will update your IT systems regularly, including computers, servers, and networking devices.
email services

Email Services

Our service includes support for mailbox storage, distribution lists, global address lists, protocols, Outlook Web Access, and third-party extensions.
Virus, Malware, & Phishing Protection

Virus, Malware, & Phishing Protection

We will use advanced tools to monitor, block, and remove malicious programs from your devices, plus offer training for spotting phishing emails.
storage device

Backup & Recovery Services

We can back up your business data at your location, to our Orange County data center, and the cloud. If a disaster strikes, we can restore your data to the last properly working version.
cloud computing

Cloud Computing

We can transition your business to cloud versions of IT functions with services such as Office 365, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), and Security as a Service (SECaaS).
compliance as a service

Compliance as a Service

We will help you use IT to manage reporting tasks and protect against data security threats.
data center services

Data Center Services

We can set up, host, and manage your servers at our Orange County-based data center.
strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Our CIOs can work with you to plan technology projects that can help raise profits, improve service delivery, and increase staff productivity.
it projects

IT Projects

Our team can provide an extra hands-on-deck with projects, such as office moves, new equipment setups, operating system upgrades, and more.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Services:

Focus on Business

When you leave IT to an expert, you will be able to concentrate more on your business’s core competencies.

Lower Overhead Costs

By outsourcing, you will save money on labor, operations, and equipment.

Predictable Costs

Our subscription-based options make it simpler to budget IT expenses.

Increase Competitive Edge

Innovative technologies will allow you to capitalize on opportunities such as moving into a new market and releasing new products and services.

Manage Business Risk

We will help your business manage rising cybersecurity threats by preventing outages and data loss.

Industry-Leading Resources

Our team will be able to get up and running quickly by bringing in our advanced specialized tools.

Proven Processes

We will manage your support requests by following ITIL help desk standards.

Optimize Work Processes

Our team can help you eliminate inefficient work procedures resulting from using disparate systems.

Economies of Scale

We will pass our volume price breaks from our vendor partners to your business.

Deploy Cloud Technologies

We can accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce by providing cloud-based programs they can access offsite.

Industry Compliant

SwiftTech will ensure your business meets your industry’s data security standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, and SOX.

About Us

SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. has been providing real-world IT solutions for public and private businesses for over 20 years. Our clients are from diverse industries where IT is an especially key factor for success. We deliver higher degrees of reliability and realize a faster return on their investment.

At SwiftTech, we only hire the best and brightest who take pride in building relationships with clients. When you partner with SwiftTech, you will access our wide network of over 60 industry-certified and degreed professionals. We offer you a vast array of technical resources focused on delivering the solutions you need within budget, on time, and every time. From a customer’s point of view, this translates into efficiently and effectively delivering winning results.

Our Commitments

Our Team

We hire professionals who have well-rounded experience, the ability to work in a team, and a desire to help others.

Our Processes

We have standards in place for streamlined, consistent, and customized management of client accounts.

Our Mission

To provide IT services that improve performance, increase productivity, and decrease costs.

Our Promise

Our team only offers solutions that are essential, cost-effective, and supportable.

Why Outsource Your IT With Us?

Dedicated to Excellence

We'll work diligently to complete IT projects right the first time around, on time, and within budget.

Industry Certified

We are partnered and certified with IT industry leaders, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, VMware, and Veeam.

Friendly & Qualified

Our technicians must have well-rounded experience, great teamwork skills, and a genuine desire to help others.

Our process for onboarding clients


Our consultants will interview decision-makers to identify business requirements. Also, we'll conduct an audit of the current network and design a solution aimed at increasing efficiency.


Our team will work on implementing the service with tasks including installation, migration, configuration, and validation. We'll also decommission services that are no longer needed.


Our professionals can provide ongoing services including support, maintenance, and monitoring. We'll also review service performance periodically and suggest optimization projects as needed.

Customized solutions for different businesses


Learn From the IT Experts

Stay up to date on the latest business technology news, advice, and alerts.

Some of Our Partners

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