Expert IT services for the manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers must meet customer expectations by keeping up with demand quickly and at a low cost. This requires streamlining processes from production to consumption, monitoring market changes, and maintaining a strong relationship with their customer base. SwiftTech Solutions will help your manufacturing company with choosing enterprise software, optimize equipment health, and moving existing work processes to the cloud.

  • Collaboration – Communicate with suppliers faster and more accurately
  • Data Protection – Protect confidential customer information from theft/data mining/loss.
  • Asset Management – Pay closer attention to equipment conditions and repair defects as needed
  • Business Inteligence – Monitor and act on market changes in real-time
  • Supply Chain Management – Increase visibility in supply chain and factory operations
  • Availability Management – Minimize factory system downtime
  • Process Automation – Integrate and streamline processes from order to delivery

Our robust IT solutions can help your manufacturing firm maximize profitability and efficiency while lowering production costs.

Recommended Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Set up a cloud-based ordering system for customers and suppliers.

File Management System

Archive customer paperwork with encrypted email archiving and cloud faxing.

Network Management

Install Wi-Fi hotspots around the factory.

Mobile Device Management

Use mobile devices for workers on the go, such as warehousing and delivery.

Inventory Tracking System

Use an online asset tracking application for equipment.

ERP Projects

Use enterprise software for observing factory operations and reviewing market changes.

Network Monitoring

Prevent outages by monitoring network activity around the clock.

Our solutions to your business problems

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