Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we provide a list of and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as related to SwiftTech Solutions Inc, Managed Services, or other Services offered on this site.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Gartner defines a managed service provider as a company that delivers network, application, system, and e-management services across a network to multiple enterprises, using a “pay as you go” pricing model. These providers remotely manage servers, firewalls, Exchange servers, routers/switches, and active directory servers.

How do you deliver Managed IT Services?

SwiftTech uses remote monitoring and management tools to troubleshoot and solve issues directly from our office. For our maintenance services, we install a software agent in your IT environment and keep track of asset information, device uptime status, memory/disk capacity levels, running processes, device IP information, operating system/application patch levels, and system logs. If something goes wrong, our team automatically receives alerts in our help desk system and we’ll fix most issues from our office. If we can’t fix the issue from our office, we’ll dispatch a technician to your office.

For providing on-demand help desk support, we can use remote access software to get onto user devices. We can either install the software on their devices ahead of time or ask them to go to a website to download the software and then they give us a code. This software allows our technicians to take control of the users’ mouse and keyboard and then repair issues for them.

Services managed remotely:
• Anti-virus
• Backups
• Email
• Web
• Internet

Devices managed remotely:
• PCs
• Printers
• Servers
• Routers
• Switches
• Firewalls
• Access points
• IP phones

In addition, our helpdesk prioritizes customer support tickets based on the order requests are received and the urgency of each request. An example of a high-priority request is an email system going down for an entire office since users generally cannot do their work without the service. Alternatively, an inconvenient issue that allows users a temporary workaround would not require a technician to drop what they are doing. An example would be someone who can send basic print jobs to the hallway copier but not their desktop printer. If the issue needs an immediate response, please let the helpdesk agent know.

What is the difference between managed services and break-fix?

In break-fix IT services, users call tech support only when something breaks. The service is usually charged on an hourly basis. This type of service can work if your company already has an IT department or the company only has a few people. However, waiting for computers, servers, and networking devices to fail before getting help can result in extended downtime and unpredictable costs. The technician would have to spend time getting familiarized with your systems before they can start repairs. Also, the longer downtime period can result in idle employees, inability to service customers, and possibly losing customer relationships. With this type of service, SwiftTech will ask you to purchase an hourly pack before we start work. The packages are sold in sets of 10, 20, 50, and 100 hours.

With managed IT services, IT support makes sure your systems are maintained by managing patches, security, and backup. The service is usually charged with an ongoing monthly flat fee. If any issues crop up, our technicians will work to resolve them before they disrupt employee and client services. This type of preventative service is necessary for making sure your business does not experience an outage that can threaten its livelihood. Plus, the monthly flat fee makes it easier for your accounting department to budget technology expenses.

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

• The ability to fix issues before they affect the business
• Increased service efficiency and quality
• Improved staff productivity
• Increased access to IT expertise
• Additional oversight on IT systems
• The decrease in downtime occurrences and periods
• Substantial cost savings in prevented downtime periods
• Stretches existing IT investments
• Predictable monthly costs
• The business won’t need to hire additional IT staff
• Decision-makers can shift their focus on business growth activities

What's in a managed services contract?

The contract states the responsibility of both the IT provider and the client throughout the service term. Our contracts usually include the following:
• Service description including covered users, equipment, and services
• Service duration
• Monthly fee amount
• Deadline to pay fees
• Service exclusions
• Cancellation terms
• Limitation of liability
• Confidentiality agreement

What services are considered out of the scope of managed services?

Generally, the type of tasks that fall out of the scope of a managed IT services contract usually involve an unusual increase in work hours and labor. For these services, SwiftTech will send you a new PO request before our technicians can get started.

Out of scope items typically include:
• Major installations
• Hardware and software costs
• Major upgrades
• Physical printer repair beyond jams or cleaning issues
• Third-party service costs
• Large projects such as office moves
• Servicing failures due to acts of God, power outages, building modifications, other adverse environmental factors.

Do you service residential customers?

SwiftTech does not service residential-only customers. Our IT company services organizations of at least five employees.

However, if your business is a client of ours and you need tech support while working from home, our technicians can provide remote-only assistance.

What does Managed IT Services include?

Managed IT services involve making sure IT systems run healthy by troubleshooting and resolving issues. The following items are generally included under our managed IT services:
Help Desk/Network Operations Center (NOC)
Onsite Support
Strategic Consulting
Network Management (routers, firewalls, switches, etc.)
• Wi-Fi Management
Server Management
• Software Installation & Management
Email Accounts
• Asset Management
Workstation Management
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Vendor Assistance

I need tech support. How can I contact your help desk?

If your business is already a client of ours, you can contact our helpdesk by:
• Calling 877-794-3811
• Emailing

Also, keep in mind that some of our clients only allow certain employees to submit help desk requests to us. If this applies to you, please ask your company helpdesk designate to contact us to submit a request on your behalf.

If your business is reaching out to us for the very first time, please call 877-794-3811 or email A rep will need to contact you to review service and billing options before our technicians can get started on your request.

What value does managed IT services bring to my business?

The value of managed IT services is directly related to lowering risk and saving pain for your business. Think about the cost of downtime to your business:
• What tasks won’t your staff be able to complete during periods of downtime?
• What will happen if customers try to do business with you during periods of downtime?

Zerto has a calculator to help you estimate the cost of downtime to your business:

How are managed IT services priced?

SwiftTech Solutions does not use a one-size-fits-all pricing package for our clients. Pricing depends on your specific technology needs, plus the number of users and devices that need to be serviced. If you need pricing, please contact us at or 877-794-3811. A rep will ask you about your IT needs and then send you a quote.

We realize you are challenged with finding an IT provider that will reduce technology expenses and increase service reliability. However, if you are shopping around proposals among other MSPs in the area, don’t simply go with the one with the cheapest price, as they may only provide minimal support. Look at the line items of each package and make sure they cover your IT needs, especially in worse-case scenarios. SwiftTech will do our best to create a package that can satisfy your desired IT service levels while staying within your budget.

How do I know you are really doing the work you promised?

SwiftTech Solutions will send you system reports and meet with you to explain the work we completed. We will discuss service performance by reviewing technician performance, total tickets opened/closed per month, server capacity, backup status, customer satisfaction, and cost analysis. Furthermore, in order to ensure reliable service performance, we’ll recommend IT projects that will need to be completed in the near future.

My company is not looking for managed IT services. Can SwiftTech still provide IT services to us?

Yes, we can provide your business hourly IT services for occasional tasks and projects. We will ask you to purchase an hour pack before our technicians can start working. The packages are sold in sets of 10, 20, 50, and 100 hours. The hour packs are refundable and do not expire.

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