Disaster Recovery Planning

Get prompt recovery of your systems in case of a catastrophe.


Protect your IT systems from disasters

Many businesses need to rely on immediate and constantly available data, such as customer databases, supplier contracts, sales records, and tax information. However, data is susceptible to loss due to a virus, crash, theft, disaster, and more. Protect the continuity of your business with SwiftTech's Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

data center planning

Examples of Disaster Events Include:

Human Error

Cyber Attack


Widespread Illness

Equipment Breakdown

Power Outage


Social Unrest

Services Offered

Risk Assessment

We’ll review the risks and potential impacts of a disaster event for your business.

Contingency Planning

We’ll plan for different disaster events by identifying assets, threats, and scenarios.

Asset Management

We’ll define technology components needed to keep the business running, including computers, applications, emails, and communication methods.

Offsite Data Backups

We’ll backup data on your hardware to a primary and secondary data center.

Data Restoration

We can restore individual files, application items, server images, and more from your backups.

Proactive Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center will monitor the state of your network around the clock.

Routine Testing

We’ll test the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan periodically by simulating a disaster event.

Temporary Workspace

We’ll help your business find an alternate workspace in case of a disaster.

Loaned Equipment

We’ll help your business find temporary computers, network components, and phone systems.

Business Operations

We’ll help your business keep your departments running including sales, customer support, billing, and employee operations.

Secure Connection

An encrypted connection prevents unauthorized parties from seeing or getting access to your device.

High Quality Standards

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Goals of Disaster Recovery Planning:

Minimize the impact of unplanned events

Reduce overall risk

Eliminate single points of failure

Restore day-to-day operations

Comply with government regulations

Keep data safe and secure

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