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To sell products, companies in the industry must keep up with changing trends including runway shows, seasonality, subscription boxes, resale, and the shift to online. Also, there’s an added expectation to provide personalized product offerings to consumers. Furthermore, these companies must ensure their manufacturing processes are efficient, safe, and ethical. SwiftTech Solutions can assist your company by using IT to adopt smart technologies, streamline production, forecast supply/demand accurately, and create a personalized shopping experience.

  • Collaboration – Convenient communication with team members in and out of the office
  • Remote Office – Complete workloads from any location and at any time
  • Project Management – Manage each project in an organized manner
  • Smart Technologies – Integrate technologies including AI/machine learning/VR/IoT/3D printing/cameras
  • Supply Chain Management – Increase visibility in supply chain and factory operations
  • Availability Management – Minimize factory IT system downtime
  • Business Intelligence – Access customer behavior tracking/demand forecasting/transaction history/process big data/report in real-time
  • Inventory Management – Timely and accurate inventory counts
  • Customer Service – Use technology to optimize customer experiences
  • Data Protection – Safeguard customer and creative intellectual property
  • Fashion Marketing – Attract new customers through key channels
  • Regulatory Compliance – Comply with PCI data security and safety standards

We can help your company streamline operations and get a competitive edge with our technology solutions.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Services

Maintain and support devices to ensure uptime

Network Management

Install Wi-Fi hotspots in your facilities

System Integration

Bring CMS’s, CRMs, ERPs, analytics, IoT devices together into one system

CMS Website

Use a mobile-friendly website template with an e-commerce system

Unified Communications

Use a cloud phone system that includes voice, fax, SMS, video conferencing, and instant messaging

Microsoft Teams

Enable workers to access chat, meetings, files, and apps in a single platform

Digital Workspaces

Work out of the office with a platform that integrates SaaS programs, project management software, emails, calendar appointments, communication system shortcuts, and network file access

Security as a Service

Strengthen IT security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection, email filtering, network monitoring, user access policies, and backup and disaster recovery plans

Inventory Tracking System

Use equipment that includes an online asset tracking application

Power BI Consulting

Centralize marketing, revenue, customers, and operations analytics

Social Media Tools

Use a centralized platform to manage your social media activities on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Video Surveillance

Install surveillance cameras with real-time internet viewing and playback

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