Expert IT Services for Hospitality & Tourism

Your establishment caters to the needs of travelers by providing accommodations like hotels, dining, and activities. Travelers pay valuable money and time to get a memorable customer experience. Therefore, the establishment must provide stellar interactions from arrival to departure. Failure to do so can result in loss of customers, profits, and reputation. SwiftTech can help use technology to improve customer service, provide quality experiences, increase bookings, and build a positive reputation.

  • Hospitality Marketing: Attract new customers through key channels
  • On-time Turnover: Ensure accommodations are available at reservation time
  • Property Security: Protect against disruptions and vandalism
  • Reputation Management: Monitor and respond to customer reviews
  • Customer Service: Use technology to optimize customer experiences
  • Regulatory Compliance: Comply with PCI data security and health code standards

We can help your hospitality and tourism company use technology to enhance the customer travel experience.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Services

Maintain and support devices to ensure continued uptime

Managed Wi-Fi

Set up Wi-Fi signals for guests, employees, and point-of-sale devices

System Integration

Bring CMS’s, CRMs, ERPs, analytics, IoT devices together into one system

CMS Website

Use a mobile-friendly website template with a reservation system

Point of Sale System

Accept credit cards in a convenient and secure manner

ERP Software

Use enterprise software for managing operations, inventory, assets, and market changes

Video Surveillance

Install surveillance cameras with real-time internet viewing and playback

Unified Communications

Use a cloud phone system that includes voice, fax, SMS, video conferencing, and instant messaging

Microsoft Teams

Enable workers to access chat, meetings, files, and apps in a single platform

Power BI Consulting

Centralize marketing, revenue, customers, and operations analytics

Mobile Device Management

Install line of business applications on tablets and smartphones

Cloud Solutions

Switch software tools from locally installed to cloud versions

Social Media Tools

Use a centralized platform to manage your social media activities on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Our solutions to your business problems

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