Expert IT Services for Software Developers

Your software development firm must manage client projects in a prompt and productive manner. However, developers tend to encounter delays, whether it's getting stuck on fixing bugs or dealing with interruptions from co-workers. As a result, your firm may miss client deadlines and have to push back the start of new projects, which ultimately slows down cash flow. SwiftTech Solutions can help your company use technology to create a more efficient workflow for your developers.

  • Project Management: Organized way to manage each project
  • Powerful Devices: High amount of RAM and storage space on workstations
  • Data Archiving: Archive a large amount of data
  • Remote Office: Flexibility of work hours and location
  • Collaboration: Convenient communication with team members in and out of the office
  • Workflow Management: Minimize disruptions to developers’ workflow
  • Time Management: Ensuring team members stick to client deadlines
  • Knowledge Sharing: Keeping track of software documentation
  • Data Protection: Protecting customer and creative intellectual property
  • Customer Support: Immediate resolutions for customer issues

We can use technology to create a
more efficient workflow for developers.

Recommended Solutions

Business Technology Analysis

Conduct a business technology analysis on existing hardware and software

Purchasing Assistance

Assistance with finding memory-intensive workstations and project management software at a reasonable price

Managed IT Services

Ongoing maintenance of developer workstations to ensure constant network uptime

Digital Workspaces

Allow developers to work out of the office by deploying digital workspaces integrating SaaS programs, project management software, emails, calendar appointments, communication system shortcuts, and network file access.

Unified Communications

Use a cloud phone system that includes voice, fax, SMS, video conferencing, and instant messaging

Security as a Service

Strengthen IT security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection, email filtering, network monitoring, user access policies, and backup and disaster recovery plans

Spam Filter

Use mail filtering software to block fraudulent senders, malware attachments, and malicious web pages

File Management System

Save creative properties in an encrypted and password-protected electronic archive

Customer Support Ticketing System

Customers can access different methods of contacting support (phone, email, and live chat), an FAQ section, and a forum.

Our solutions to your business problems

SwiftTech Solutions works with clients from a variety of industries. We'll create a tailor made solution for the way you work.