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Improve Business IT Performance

Our Systems Monitoring in Orange County offers a level of IT support that improves the reliability and performance of your business technology by continuously monitoring and proactively managing your systems. We'll detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. We'll also provide meaningful activity reports that will help you measure the business value of your technology investments and improvements.

Systems Monitoring

Services Offered

Connectivity Monitoring

We monitor most industry-standard network protocols including computers, HTTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, generic TCP, and windows server monitoring.

Device Specific Agent

These agents monitor device CPU activity, disk and memory utilization, process execution, batch log, appended log, and Windows event log monitoring.

Status Reports

These secure, real-time reports provide notifications and multiple levels of escalation whenever a device reaches a warning or failure state.

Historical Information

We provide access to historical and trend information for capacity planning and future budgeting decisions.

Device Support

We provide device support for multiple vendors.

Sample Monitoring Reports

Server Monitoring (Computers Report Similar)

VMware Host Monitoring

Site Monitoring

Reporting Options

Remote Management Services

For many businesses, their network has become their primary method of communicating with their customers, vendors, and employees. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that the network infrastructure is always available and operating at peak efficiency. If any critical device on the network suffers an outage, the downtime results in lost productivity for the entire organization. Our network monitoring services will provide a vital 24/7 overview of your business technology.

The ability to predict, quickly identify, and resolve problems in the network is the foundation for maintaining peak performance. Setting up technology management systems aimed at achieving optimum performance can be a costly and unwieldy task generally reserved for large companies. You can get network monitoring included when you sign up as a client.

At SwiftTech Solutions, we believe remote management service should include five key components:

  • An intuitive tool for remote monitoring of key network elements such as routers, firewalls, and servers.
  • Real-time reporting of network and device status with instant notification when service indicators reach a warning or critical state including windows server monitoring.
  • The capability for predictive analysis so potential issues are identified and eliminated before they become serious problems.
  • Historical and trend reports helping identify areas of future concern and to make informed purchasing decisions.
    Secure remote access to the server or computer to quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve the technical issue.

Web Activity Monitoring

Our Remote Network Monitoring can help your business manage employee internet use. We’ll restrict access to unproductive websites, such as social networking, media streaming, and news sites. We can also block access to dangerous websites, such as piracy sites. Also, the network monitoring services can maximize bandwidth for your staff by setting thresholds for downloads and media streaming. For example, once your workers reach a threshold for downloads, they will not be able to initiate any downloads for the rest of the workday. Moreover, the Remote Monitoring Services will include the ability to whitelist websites for specific users, such as Facebook for the Marketing department. With our remote network monitoring services, your company will ensure your employees stay efficient, systems are protected from phishing and cybercrime, and legal liabilities are mitigated.

Management Service Package

SwiftTech’s Remote Management Services consist of five related components: Remote Server Support, free network monitoring software, windows server monitoring, Remote Desktop Support, and Remote Network Monitoring. This family of services improves a client’s network and server reliability by maximizing uptime. Our seasoned consultants analyze performance and trend reports to ensure a client’s IT infrastructure is reliable and optimized. As part of the SwiftTech service suite, Remote Management Services delivers a comprehensive, proactive IT management solution freeing clients to focus on their core competencies so they can achieve greater productivity with this windows server monitoring and free network monitoring software.

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