Field Office Deployment

Field Office Deployment

Field Office Deployment

Company profile
Our client is a nationally recognized homebuilder that has in business for several decades. The founder envisioned a homebuilding company whose homes would provide lasting advantages for years to come. Our client is the premier national builder for Single Family Homes, Townhomes & Condominiums, Active Adult Lifestyle, and Custom Designed dwelling structures.

• One of the premier US homebuilders.
• Revenues in 2013: Over $1 billion
• Estimated IT budget for 2013: Over $50 million

Business situation
Our client faced serious challenges during the economic downturn as did most Fortune 500 companies. These companies invested significant capital and effort to achieve this status. When the housing market collapsed, the company was faced with drastically reduced revenues. They quickly depleted their assets, which in turn drastically reduced the stock prices and overall value of the company. The company was also dealing with fixed expenses of a Fortune 500 enterprise.

This situation called for quick action to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This meant that the company had to find ways to reduce budgetary expenses and make better use of a limited technology budget. This is where SwiftTech Solutions addressed the companies’ issues. With our extensive industry experience and an understanding of the construction industry business requirements, we were able to drastically reduce IT costs by applying proven and effective methodologies. Our business continuity measures applied to multiple areas of the enterprise enabled our client to maximize their technology expenditure by cutting costs and improving services.

• Construction and sales offices were significantly reduced by setting up their computer, phones, and connections.
• Information and document sharing processes were automated, which eliminated wasteful delays.
• Long term equipment leases that were not cost effective were eliminated.
• Underutilized equipment and non-essential software licenses were eliminated.
• Communication improvements to the network reduced costs due to downtime and improved overall business operations.

Technical situation
In addition to the financial issues and business challenges, the company was facing major issues with its Information Technology configuration. Some of the more serious issues were the lack of reliable backups of critical business data and unreliable communication capability between field staff and the home office.

Mobile offices and remote crew locations were taking several weeks to establish reliable connectivity. Crucial services to deliver required information to job sites were not available. This lack of information was not being processed efficiently, which delayed project delivery and reduced revenue. The issues we identified were as follows:

• Unreliable disaster recovery plan due to lack of reliable back up data.
• Exchange server primary storage drive was filling to capacity every few days.
• Compliance issues with SOX, OSHA and PCI were being left unattended.
• Build and sales sites were unable to report business data due to lack of connectivity.
• Aging network and computer infrastructure not compatible with today’s technology.
• Failing Citrix Farm.
• Bandwidth issues from HQ and remote sites preventing proper document exchange.
• Inadequate network communication issues causing 20 minute login times during peak use.

SwiftTech Solutions developed a project plan to addressed treatment of the issues from the most to least critical. First, we resolved the connectivity problems and system bottlenecks, which increased productivity by 800% as compared to the established benchmarks. Next, we addressed the compliance issues by creating technical forms, documentation and processes to protect, track, and monitor data access. This put the company back in compliance with industry standards. Consequently, SwiftTech Solutions prevented the client from being fined tens of millions of dollars from unmonitored compliance issues. These standard procedures were put in place permanently and will continue for the duration of the company’s existence.

The team then eliminated unused and unneeded services, licenses, and support contracts. Then the issues with the data carriers were addressed and network service were improved across the board as well as cutting the expense by 70%. The SwiftTech business teams then renegotiated with current service providers to retain the same services for a lower cost. Connection setup for new sales and remote offices to communicate to the headquarters was reduced to 48 hours as opposed to the original two month time frame. In construction, time saved translates directly to a better bottom line.

SwiftTech Solutions' efforts saved the company a total of 380% over their original expenditures. With the implementation of consolidated services, we eliminated process delays by executing virtualization processes where necessary. The company now has better data access and documentation capability due to increased communication speed and equipment utilization. The company is moving forward with a scalable network. They can now produce required documents efficiently and allow a reliable backup and recovery strategy that meets all compliance process requirements.

Bill of Materials employed by the client in this solution:
• Cisco Network Switches
• Microsoft Servers, Exchange 2010 and Desktop
• VMware ESX
• Sonic Firewall
• Veeam Backup and Replication
• Citrix Farm
Voice over IP Solutions
• Broadband Internet
• Cellular Technologies

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