Government employees are constantly pressured to trim their budget due to financial debt and slow growth. At the same time, they need get the maximum return on their existing investments. SwiftTech Solutions can help your agency maximize ROI by virtualizing in-house applications, set up remote desktops, optimizing communications channels to other branches, and more.


Manufacturers must meet customer expectations by keeping up with customer demand quickly and at a low cost. This requires streamlining processes from production to consumption, monitoring market changes, and maintaining a strong relationship with their customer base. SwiftTech Solutions will help your manufacturing company with selecting enterprise software, optimize existing equipment, and moving existing work processes to the cloud.


In a food establishment, employees must complete orders in a timely, accurate, secure, and courteous manner. Plus, they must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards and restaurant safety regulations. Failure to do this can result in loss of customers, profits, and reputation. SwiftTech will help your establishment select and set up encrypted databases, point of sale terminals, restaurant management applications, and more.


Workers in this industry must communicate quickly and accurately with warehousing, assembly, and transportation. However, they typically encounter delays with processing paperwork, finding inventory, and return processes. SwiftTech Solutions can improve your logistics work process by selecting handheld devices for mobile workers, digitizing the paperwork process for cloud based applications, setting up a monitoring and alerts system, and more.

Radio Broadcast

Costs of keeping a radio station in operation are high, thanks to unsteady advertising revenues, utilities, equipment, licenses, and fees. Plus, many traditional radio stations are now offering internet streaming to keep up with the likes of Pandora and iTunes. SwiftTech Solutions can do an analysis of your existing equipment and determine what to keep and what to replace at a low cost. Also, we can recommend computers, telephone systems, and tracking software that will help you stay connected with your audience.

Law firms

Law office employees need to do more during the day, access information quickly, and be able to meet with colleagues from anywhere. Unfortunately, the industry relies on paperwork processes heavily, which can make a search for a single document an hours long headache. Any delays in these processes could result in a filing, merger, or acquisition not going through. SwiftTech Solutions can help you set up access to your applications on your mobile devices, online conferencing systems, expandable and protected data storage, and more.


Since the housing collapse, contractors had to learn how to do more with a tight budget. However, the need to keep up with compliance standards, communicate with employees on the jobsite, and process paperwork in a timely manner is steadily increasing. SwiftTech Solutions will help your company improve your jobsite network, automate information and document sharing processes, and eliminate unnecessary hardware and software license costs.


Industry employees need have access to patient information from anywhere and at a moment's notice. At the same time, they must comply with HIPAA standards by protecting the privacy of their patients. Failure to do so can endanger the health of their patients. SwiftTech can help your healthcare organization by setting up reliable network access points, patient and employee monitoring software, and an encrypted facility database.

Escrow & Title

The real estate transaction process can a complicated process to complete, since a considerable amount of interchangeable third parties are working together. Plus, the buyer and seller must be able to trust their escrow company with their funds, documents, and instructions. SwiftTech Solutions will help your escrow company strengthen work processes by selecting escrow management applications, set up email faxing and archiving, deploy Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, and much more.

3D Applications/Gaming

Development companies must stay current and respond to the latest trends in the marketplace. However, limited technology and financial resources, long development processes, legal issues, and aggressive competitors can easily doom the release of a product. SwiftTech Solutions can assist your company with selecting the latest hardware and software at a low cost, setting up reliable wireless network access, deploying scalable data storage, and more.

Property Management

Property Management employees are entrusted with a number of responsibilities on a limited budget: collecting rent, fielding landlord and tenant requests, applicant background checks, maintaining the property, dealing with permit requirements, paying taxes, and staying current with industry-standard certifications. SwiftTech Solutions can help your property managers with selecting property management software, remote desktops, archiving inbound and outbound emails, and setting up web portals for tenant/landlord communications.

Non-Profit Organizations

Employees in this category are obligated to cut costs and increase effectiveness in numerous areas, including technology. The savings can go towards achieving their missions, such as preserving natural resources, bringing awareness to a disease, or feeding the hungry. SwiftTech Solutions can consult with you to help your non-profit select budget saving technologies, such as volunteer, donor, and project management software.

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