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Operating your business technology to function at its full potential can save your business thousands of dollars per year. Knowing exactly what you have and what it can support before rolling out a new initiative will save you time and avoid unexpected cost overages.

SwiftTech Solutions can provide a team of experienced business technology analysts for an in depth study on your systems, infrastructure, information technology related costs, software(s), printers, and related services/items. This will provide you with a full scope on what you have, what it can do for you.

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We can identify where we can consolidate your resources and reduce your IT expenses:

● Key Cost Points: Telephony Costs, Internet Costs, Software License Costs, Services Costs, Web/Email Costs

● Integrity and Security: Security: Physical Hardware, PC / Laptops / Mobile, Server Resources, Firewall Capabilities, Switches / Hubs, Internal Wiring, Network Speeds in/out, Development Costs

● Systems Infrastructure: Network Backbone, Physical Cabling, Server Room Environment, Firewall Capabilities, Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery, Web Exposure



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The SwiftTech Business Technology Analysis Goal

The goal is for the client to take advantage of all available resources based on budget and needs. SwiftTech Solutions' vast computer network technology experience will help guide you into the most sophisticated and cost effective technologies used in the business world today. A strong IT infrastructure can save your business significant money in management and thousands hours of efficient man hours over a lifetime. Proper investments today affect the stability and growth potential in the future. This provides an IT Financial Governance process with effective costing disciplines and providing "cost visibility" that can influence changes in consumption patterns to better utilize IT assets all reviewed by the business technology analysts.

The IT Future

The goals of effective consumption management are two-fold: optimizing and often reducing the quantity of IT products the business consumes — with an eye toward cutting overall costs — and changing the mix of IT spending to focus more on lower-cost products and higher-value investments. With SwiftTech Services and Presentation Reports based on actual IT usage discovered by our business technology analysts, the business can begin seeking ways to control and reduce consumption.

SwiftTech Solutions is based in Orange County, California and consists of various service level offerings that provide affordable, proactive IT management and support. Utilizing a unique framework, SwiftTech provides you with a single source of professional expertise and resources to streamline systems management and support functions.

Our focus is to keep your IT systems operations available and secure. SwiftTech Solutions will take care of your IT needs so you can focus on running your organization. With our Business Technology Analysis, we can help you maximize productivity while reducing your operational costs. Contact us today for your Business Technology Analysis needs by calling 877.794.3811 or emailing [email protected]


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