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SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. has been providing real world IT solutions for public and private businesses over 15 years. Our clients are from many diverse industries where IT is a very important factor to success. We deliver higher degrees of reliability, and realize a faster return on their investment.

At SwiftTech, we only hire the best and brightest who take pride in building relationships with clients. When you partner with SwiftTech, you will access to our extensive Network of over 60 industry certified and degreed professionals. We offer you vast array of technical resources focused on delivering the solutions you need within budget, on time, every time! From a customer’s point of view, this translates into efficiently and effectively delivering winning results.

We can help you with these IT services and more!

Our services

Technical Support

Our technicians will resolve your Tier 1-4 IT issues remotely and onsite.

Network Optimization

We will streamline your network by reviewing, monitoring, and managing technology usage.

PC or Systems Upgrades

Maintain desktop hardware and software performance.

Server Solutions

Increase uptime by monitoring, managing, and automating server performance.

Backup & Recovery

We'll protect your IT systems by running regular backups and implementing robust security measures.

Data Security

SwiftTech will prevent data theft and loss by using security best practices.

Internet Connection Setup

Set up reliable internet services that meets the demands of your work environment.

Telephone System Setup

We can help you choose among several voice service offerings that fit the needs of your business.

Hosted Desktops

Get consistent access to your work computer desktop on any device.

Video Surveillance

Protect your business by installing or upgrading your video surveillance system.

IT Project Consulting

Our friendly IT professionals will lead, organize, and manage your technical projects from start to finish.

IT Staff Emergency Coverage

Our technicians are available to fix your urgent tech issues around the clock.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

We can assist your staff around the clock with options to contact us by phone, email, web portal, and live chat.


The Founders of SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. are seasoned IT Professionals who were employed by professional businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. While working as Information Technology Directors, Managers, Network Engineers, and Senior Administrators, worked with multiple types of technology consulting firms, both large and small.

They realized that common issues arise in outsourced IT related services and discovered a large gap in that industry. Larger consulting firms lacked the ability to provide consistency in resources, expertise and at a higher cost. They seemed to lack personal attention to clients with over allocated engineers and technicians covering a large client base in addition to the high employee turnover rates that lead to different technicians being assigned to your projects, having to learn your environment.

Small consulting firms lacked the skills or expertise to design, implement, or maintain quality service or implement complex projects. They seemed to have lacked corporate IT experience in management, technicians lacked expertise. Often the company was stuck on a “break/fix” model rather than helping organizations strategically grow and actually solve issues through technology.

This gap can be covered with the right expertise. It was felt that the experience of the Founders would help them succeed in providing a better quality of service to those in need of technology to advance and maintain their businesses. Their experiences and expertise would bring Corporate IT style methodologies, expertise, policies and procedures to small and medium business and at the same time provide IT departments within large organizations assistance in strategic planning, staff augmentation, and project implementation. The Founders, with their backgrounds in IT Engineering and Executive IT Management, created a company designed to operate internally as a corporate IT department and the agility of a top rate IT consulting firm. With this strategy, SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. was born.

How We Are Different

SwiftTech Solutions Inc. is focused on our own organization and expertise in order to deliver the best solutions with accurate results, which is a standard our customers expect. We pride ourselves in a very strict hiring process by hiring only the best candidates. They must be from choice industries, have the highest education and appropriate experience for the position. We look for well-rounded experience, team players, and professionals who genuinely want to help others. We do not hire entry-level technicians for client management. We build upon that experience by requiring our staff to participate in continued education programs in technology and business. We foster a very strong team environment by teaching and helping each other in every area possible. We have bonus programs to reward our top notch employees and we strive on providing for a friendly, caring, and thriving work place.


SwiftTech Solutions Inc. has processes in place for streamlined and consistent management of client accounts, unique to each client. We adhere to our own strict documentation guidelines for recording account details. This allows our multi-tier tech system to work for small and large clients alike. It also allows us to share knowledge among each other seamlessly.

We appropriately assign the most suitable technicians and engineers in this multi-tiered system based on experience and expertise. Clients can rest assured they won't find an entry-level technician working on their most critical or complex production systems or applications. SwiftTech Solutions' goal is to function at the highest possible level using our many years of combined experience in regulated policies, procedures, and technical writing. Our organizational structure affects the delivery of our solutions in a positive way. This is an example of the methodologies of corporate IT we want all our clients to experience.

We listen and we communicate. We will strategize with you to understand the business needs and requirements for success. We help you understand your company's technology situation, your options for improvements, and deliver a custom road map to help you reach your goals. We will keep you informed about the status of your projects, your requests, and your infrastructure at all times. In every phase, we will be there every step.

We do the job right the first time while using high quality and time tested solutions. We use industry standards, best practices, and proven methods to deploy our solutions. We don't just give you the solution that has the best margin or that we can pass off to another vendor. In addition, we do not over sell you equipment and avoid cost saving technologies, like systems consolidation for the sake of our own profits. We will provide and find you the solution that fits your budget, that will achieve all of your needs, and so you can run your business efficiently for years to come.

At SwiftTech Solutions, we take pride in providing "smart" technology solutions, which will make you faster and better than your competition.


Company growth

SwiftTech Solutions has seen amazing growth in the past 5 years. There has been an annual increase of 90%-110% revenue year after year, while our client retention has exceeded 99%, much higher than industry standard.

We are rated among the top providers in the US and Worldwide with a stable foundation of committed and dedicated employees and management team. 

SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. is moving faster than ever, establishing its presence in the market and raising the bar for all IT consulting firms.

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