Industry employees need have access to patient information from anywhere and at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, they must comply with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards by protecting the privacy of their patients. Failure to do so can endanger the health of their patients. SwiftTech can help your healthcare organization by setting up reliable network access points, patient and employee monitoring software, and an encrypted facility database.


• Prevent errors and increase accuracy in medical reporting
• Stay in compliance with HIPAA by protecting client information
• Anywhere access to patient information
• Real-time monitoring of patients
• Improve quality of health care
• Meet healthcare regulations
• Use more effective alternative to landlines and paging systems
• Keep network outages to absolute minimum


• Set up reliable network access points for employees and visitors.
• Install and maintain security endpoint protection for organization network, email, and web browsing.
• Security best practice training for employees that handle confidential information
• Archive healthcare paperwork with encrypted email archiving and cloud faxing.
• Supply employees on the go with mobile devices with access to a private VPN.
• Use a data management application for uploading and monitoring health records, such as medical history, diagnoses, medications, and more.
• Use industry software that includes patient and revenue management
• Prevent outages by monitoring network activity around the clock
• Use compliance management software for HIPAA requirements

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