In a food establishment, employees must complete orders in a timely, accurate, secure, and courteous manner. Plus, they must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards and restaurant safety regulations. Failure to do this can result in loss of customers, profits, and reputation. SwiftTech will help your establishment select and set up encrypted databases, point of sale terminals, restaurant management applications, and more.


• Timely and accurate inventory counts
• Accept credit cards
• Protect customer information against hackers
• Network access for employees and customers
• Send orders from wait staff to kitchen quickly and accurately
• Comply with PCI data security and health code standards
• Complete each table service order faster
• Maintain good reputation with customers
• Protect establishment against theft and vandalism



• Set up Wi-Fi signals for customers, point-of-sale, and employees.
• Set up an online ordering system on a website responsive to desktop and mobile devices
• Deploy seating and reservation software, complete with customer transponders.
• Select touch screen cash registers with credit card machines, and then make sure transactions are going to a secure processing company.
• Use PCI Compliance management software
• Use food service bookkeeping software to process payroll, track inventory, and monitor sales trends.
• Install surveillance cameras with real-time internet viewing and playback.

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