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As a healthcare provider, you have a variety of responsibilities to manage, including patient care, clinic operations, and budgeting. With the healthcare technology and regulatory landscape constantly changing, you'll need additional guidance from an IT partner. SwiftTech Solutions can provide healthcare IT solutions that can transform your practice from the front office to the examination room. We will manage your IT solutions so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Our Healthcare IT Consulting in Orange County offers technology services that include:

Comprehensive IT Assessment: SwiftTech will conduct a full audit of your IT systems, including searches for any vulnerabilities that require attention.

Project Management: Our Project Managers will lead, organize, and manage your IT projects from start to finish.

Operations Improvement: SwiftTech will analyze your practice operations and find the best methods for improving workflow and communications.

Data Security: We'll provide best-in-class security that can protect your patient records from evolving cyber threats.

Risk Management and Governance: SwiftTech will manage risk by helping your business create a business continuity plan, develop policies and procedures for technology use, and provide support for HIPAA compliance standards.

Infrastructure Design: SwiftTech will create a technology roadmap that will sustain repeatable service levels and save thousands in maintenance.

EHR Consulting: We can help your practice procure and implement an EHR program that will optimize your practice's workflow. We'll also contact the EHR vendor for service requests on your behalf.

HIPAA Services: SwiftTech will assist your organization with preventing and reducing violations in your practice. We provide such HIPAA services as security risk analyses, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, compliance training, and development of policies and procedures.

MIPS Incentive Consulting: We will help your practice get a MIPS score of 100 so you can earn your bonus. The average sized Medicare biller can earn $100K for their practice.

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