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Law Firms

Law Firms

Law office employees need to do more during the day, access information quickly, and be able to meet with colleagues from anywhere. Unfortunately, the industry relies on paperwork processes heavily, which can make a search for a single document an hours-long headache. Any delays in these processes could result in a filing, merger, or acquisition not going through. Plus, a failure to secure documents properly can result in fines. SwiftTech Solutions can help you set up access to your applications on your mobile devices, online conferencing systems, expandable and protected data storage, secure network accessing policies, and more.



• Respond to clients quicker and at a lower cost to them
• Tighten security of computer systems against hackers
• Protect corporate secrets, business strategies, and intellectual property
• Access critical information from anywhere
• House expanding legal paperwork
• Meet with client or colleague remotely
• Stay in compliance with industry regulations
• Retrieve legal paperwork in minutes, not hours


• Use mobile devices with office and industry applications installed.
• Create data access and sharing policies based on employee authority, location (work, home, public), and device (laptop, smartphone)
• Install and maintain security endpoint protection for organization network, email, and web browsing.
• Archive legal paperwork with encrypted email archiving and cloud faxing.
• Scan existing paperwork to a searchable and protected electronic database
• Install virtual desktops for remote workers
• Set up a VoIP calling system with an online conferencing capability
• Use case and client management software to stay on top of the latest developments
• Use legal industry invoicing software to track time, expenses, appointments, and tasks.

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