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Network and Computer Security is a critical part of any business. Without the correct security measures in place, you are putting not only your company's information at risk but also the private information of your clients. This information can be stolen and used to hack bank accounts, steal identity, forgery, or sold to advertising companies. Protect yourself now.

SwiftTech Solutions can analyze your IT systems and set up a network security plan for your business. We can help you protect your network by finding the holes in your security, configuring your firewall to allow certain applications to access the network, executing a powerful Intrusion Prevention System, and setting up employee technology use policies. Furthermore, we'll use a comprehensive monitoring system to ensure the safety of your network.


Network Vulnerability Tests

We'll search for security holes in your network on a regular basis

Troubleshooting & Repair

If any issues occur, our expert technicians will work on a remedy immediately. 

Permission Based Access Policies

We'll give employees access only to the network resources they need. 

Optional Cyber Security Trainings

We'll launch online interactive cyber security trainings for your  staff upon request

Network Management

We'll manage your router, firewall, ISP, and VPN

Policies & Procedures

We'll help your organization create policies outlining acceptable use of technology

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

We'll create a policy for accessing company IT resources on personal mobile devices. 

24/7 Help Desk Support

Your staff can contact our team for tech support by phone, email, and online portal. 

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

We'll scan your network for security threats such as viruses, malware, trojans, adware, and more.

Network Performance Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center will monitor the state of your network around the clock

Network Systems Health Reports

Our team will send you report on the health of your network on a regular basis


Our network security services also includes proactive remote monitoring of your systems. We'll detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur.


Our remote monitoring includes:

  • Connectivity monitoring of most industry standard network protocols such as computer, HTTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, generic TCP, windows server monitoring, and more.
  • Device specific agents that monitor CPU activity, disk and memory utilization, process execution, batch log, appended log and Windows event log monitoring.
  • Tracking of web browsing activities, including bandwidth use and downloads.
  • Real time status reports with notification and multiple levels of escalation when a device reaches a warning or failure state.
  • Access to historical and trend information for capacity planning and future budgeting decisions.
  • Device support for multiple vendors.
  • 24x7 customer support.


Protect your business now by contacting SwiftTech Solutions for a review of your network security. You can call 877-794-3811 or email [email protected] for a free consultation.


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