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Business technology initiatives are a critical but overlooked priority among executives in the boardroom. These projects should be considered a higher priority, since IT services affect employee productivity and company growth. For example, employees using outdated operating system software, such as Windows XP, not only miss out on new time saving functions, but they also leave themselves vulnerable to malware attacks. Delaying business technology projects can result in lost revenue through missed employee work hours and constant calls to IT support.

The right technology projects can strengthen product development, gather customer insight, and increase worker efficiency. SwiftTech Solutions certified team of consultants, engineers, and project managers will implement IT projects that will allow your staff to improve efficiency and grow the business. We'll design the best project for your environment using solutions from a variety vendors and platforms. Your projects will stay on budget, yield high ROI, and improve IT efficiency.


Infrastructure Assessments

We'll examine the set up of your IT architecture including your servers, storage, and network.

Software Implementations

Our team will work to integrate new or upgraded software into your organizational workflow.

Managed Web Hosting Setup

We'll install top-of-the-line internet, e-mail, and website services in the cloud.

Unified Communications

We'll enable your business to access voice, email, instant messaging, fax, and conferencing systems in a single platform.

Equipment Upgrades

SwiftTech will assist your business with selecting, installing, and configuring replacement equipment.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We'll protect your IT systems by setting up regular automated backups and implementing best-practice measures.

Virtualization Projects

We will increase the use of hardware resources by running multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine.

Office IT Relocation Services

We'll move your IT systems to your new location while keeping your operations running smoothly and minimizing downtime.

Network Upgrades

We'll help your business upgrade hardware and software to ensure high network performance.

Security and Compliance

We'll launch IT solutions that will help your business meet data security compliance challenges.

Cloud Migrations

We can move your data and applications from an onsite computer to the cloud.

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