File Management Systems


As employees are bringing their work home and on the go, they’ve started using consumer style cloud services, such as Dropbox, to store files for easy later access. While this service is convenient, it is not highly secure and encrypted solution, which can lead to leaked, stolen, or destroyed data. This can be very problematic if the industries you work in are subject to regulatory requirements, such as in healthcare or accounting. Fortunately, your staff can get the convenience of anywhere file management combined with powerful security.


Sync & Share

Save files to the program and grant edit permissions to colleagues.


Data can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Activity Tracking & Logging

Monitor activities in shared folders such as modifications and deletions.

Mobile Access

These file sharing apps can be access on the Apple or Google Play marketplace.

Personal Cloud Access

Access files on your personal Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts.

Editing Capabilities

Edit your files in such programs as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.

Hybrid Storage Options

Store your files on your local device, on the cloud, or both.

Robust Protection

The program will include remote wipe, device lock, passcode protection, whitelisting, blacklisting, data expiration policies.

Microsoft Apps Access

Your file sharing program can seamlessly integrate with online versions of Microsoft Office.



  • Microsoft SharePoint: A web portal for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing information.
  • Browser-based, encrypted, and policy-managed file sharing applications

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