Buying the right technology products can be an overwhelming experience. There are wide variety of products in the marketplace and you may not be aware of the differences in certain features. SwiftTech Solutions will help your business acquire new IT products, such as desktops, laptops, printers, mobile devices, productivity software, and antivirus software. We'll determine your specific technology and budget needs, place the order, and have it delivered to your location.



Factors to consider when purchasing IT hardware/software:

  • Capability to meet your business needs
  • Compatibility with existing technology
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Portability


SwiftTech Solutions will purchase your hardware and software by using this process:



We'll perform a consultation to decide the which types of products to buy.


We'll complete the order and ensure timely arrival of products.


We'll research the most suitable options and the best prices.

Set up

We'll set up and configuring of products.


We'll send a quote to your business before making the purchase.

Turn in

We'll assist with trade in or recycling options for old technology.

Some of vendors we partner with

SwiftTech Solutions will leverage our discounts with the IT industry leaders, such as Dell and Microsoft, and pass it on to your business. Also, we'll ensure additional discounts are applied for certain industries, such as education and non-profit. Your business will benefit from significant cost savings, increased work efficiency, and increased utilization of existing technology.


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