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Protect your business by installing or upgrading your video surveillance system. Today's network video systems can capture real-time or previously recorded footage of your business. These cameras can transfer footage over the internet to your cloud based account. Then, you can login to this account from a desktop, smartphone, and tablet device. The higher quality video will allow users to zoom in much closer to an image. In addition, each camera will have its own channel, ranging from four in a small business to 32 for a large enterprise. It depends on the amount of office areas your business needs to monitor.

If you are looking to upgrade your current video surveillance system, we'll help you choose from an excellent selection of high end cameras for indoor and/or outdoor use. We'll also ensure these cameras will support established industry standards and be compatible with all digital security systems. This greatly simplifies the process of changing out your old cameras for the latest in infrared or PTZ camera technology.

Or, you also have the option of connecting your existing CCTV cameras to high quality DVRs.



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SwiftTech Solutions can help your business with the following



We'll help you choose the most suitable security camera systems for your budget.


We'll install the cameras and associated wiring in your facilities.


We'll setup your camera software so your business can access footage on desktop and mobile devices.

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