Third-party scans will prepare private practices for upcoming HIPAA audits

IRVINE, Calif., (October 6, 2014) — SwiftTech Solutions, a HIPAA Compliance IT Services Provider, introduces their Risk Security Analysis Program for medical practices. This program will help these organizations satisfy the HIPAA/HITECH requirement to enlist a third-party service provider for their mock audits. A certified IT engineer will visit the organization’s office and search for any areas of vulnerability in the storage and transmission of confidential health information. Upon completion, SwiftTech Solutions will provide a certificate to the medical provider stating they documented their security policies and procedures.

Jared Festner, HIPAA Compliance Specialist at SwiftTech Solutions, mentions, “Our Risk Security Analysis Program will help medical practices become compliant with HIPAA and HITECH before another round of audits arrives. As a result, they can save thousands or even millions of dollars in fines and penalties.”

The Risk Security Analysis Program will search for such HIPAA compliance failures as:

• Not performing regular security audits and training

• Improper disposal of patient records

• Unprotected storage of private health information

• Not creating access controls levels for patient records

• Not updating data security policies and procedures

For more information about the Risk Security Analysis Program, please visit, call toll free at 1-877-794-3811 or send an email to

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