COPS, a web-based application, helps diversion programs manage their clients

IRVINE, Calif., (February 28, 2014) — SwiftTech Solutions, an Orange County IT Managed Services Provider, announces the release of the Court Ordered Program Supervisor (COPS) — a patent-pending, Title 9 compliant software application for behavioral health providers and court-mandated diversion programs.  SwiftTech Solutions designed COPS to help these providers manage their clients from enrollment to completion.  Users will edit and store program documents in a single, SQL database. Users can also set up class schedules, alerts, progress reports, payment portals, reports for the courts and state, and much more.

“We’re eager to provide COPS to diversion programs so they can manage their documents in a more centralized and searchable format,” said Joshua Ross, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of SwiftTech Solutions. “COPS can save these providers thousands of dollars, not to mention hours of data entry and record search, by changing their program documenting from a paper to a digital process.”

Users of the COPS platform will be able to take advantage of these features:

• Manage client progress: Users can keep track of student attendance, progress, education sessions, etc.

• Attendance and Scheduling capabilities: Users can enter schedule and attendance data into the system and forget about it to ensure classes never overflow. The software also has easy sign-in/out options, documents formatted for print/email/online, student information, student roster, and more.

• Form and Applications: Users add an infinite number of dynamic documents of any kind so that all the forms they need are at their fingertips. They don’t have to make 5000 copies of one document or limit themselves on updates to existing templates.

• Self-Service Portal: This allows new clients to register, fill out paperwork, and make a deposit all before the first interview meeting. The portal also allows the processing of late payments, viewing of class schedules, and access to attendance records.

• Data Security Procedures and Processes: Users can use security safeguards to limit employee access to confidential information.  With our Title 9 Compliant security and processes in place, you will remain efficient and secure.

• 24/7 Support: SwiftTech Solutions offers ongoing support so the platform runs quickly, smoothly, and securely.

For more information about COPS, please visit, call toll-free at 1-877-794-3811, or send an e-mail to

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