Infrastructure as a Service

Virtualize your servers, storage, networking devices, and more to a cloud infrastructure.


Cloud IT Infrastructure

Traditionally, an organization’s IT infrastructure is housed in a data center. However, buying servers, storage, and networking devices can incur large initial hardware costs, not to mention ongoing IT staffing, rent, and power bill costs. In addition, outdated hardware and the resulting inability to take advantage of the latest technology can cause you to fall behind your competitors. Consider virtualizing these computing resources over the internet with SwiftTech’s Infrastructure as a Service.

infrastructure as a service

We'll host the following on your behalf



User applications





  • Integrate compute, storage, network, and physical resources
  • Consolidate data centers
  • Move data in and out of the cloud
  • Ensure high-availability of applications
  • Enable rapid provisioning and scalability


  • Secure, resizable, compute capacity
  • Distributed across multiple data centers
  • Virtualized or bare metal options
  • Launch new server instance in minutes
  • Pay only for server capacity you use


  • Data storage, sharing, and protection
  • Secure, resilient, elastic, and simple to use
  • Add/remove containers as needed
  • Data repositories for analytics and backups
  • Simple to move volumes of data in/out storage


  • Virtual networking environment
  • Extends on premise network
  • Customize network configuration
  • High bandwidth connection
  • Consistent network performance



Pay Per Use

Increased uptime

No investment in hardware

Accessible from any location

Constantly up-to-date systems

The system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning is done for you. Our Swift Technicians have the skills and the know-how to take on your most ambitious IaaS projects. Best of all, you’ll only pay for the amount of services you use. For example, if you decide you don’t need one of your servers, we’ll simply remove it from your account.

If you would like more information about moving IT infrastructure to the cloud, please contact SwiftTech Solutions at 877-794-3811 or email