Development Project Management

We'll guide you step by step to the successful launch of your web application projects.


Project Management for web development projects

Our team will lead, organize, and manage your web development projects from start to finish. Your SwiftTech development project manager will be the point of contact for your internal team and external stakeholders. Web development projects will be delivered on time and stay within budget.

development project management

Services Offered

Project Scope Management

We will define, verify, and control the project scope.

Project Plan Development

Our plan will document decisions made regarding the project scope, schedule, resources, and deliverables.

Project Timeline Structuring

We will estimate and schedule each project activity to ensure on-time delivery.

Requirement Gathering

We will determine your project requirements based on your current workload patterns.

Cost/Budget Management

We will estimate your costs and ensure your organization stays on budget.

Vendor Negotiation Assistance

We’ll negotiate with vendors on your behalf so your organization can receive the best price and terms on solutions.

Governance Structuring

We’ll assign management roles to ensure team members adhere to project strategies and objectives.

Status Monitoring & Updates

We’ll report on the performance of the project on a regular basis.

Conflict Management

We’ll assist team members in effectively resolving conflicts that occur during the project.

Organizational Management

We’ll assign project responsibilities to team members based on skills and availability.

Risk Mitigation

We’ll identify, monitor, and control risks throughout the project.

Communication & Support

We’ll ensure project information is collected, stored, generated, and distributed in an accurate manner.

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