Mobile Development

We create mobile applications formatted for Apple and Android mobile devices.


Business mobile applications

Office workers must be able to access accurate business data in real-time and on any device to stay competitive. SwiftTech Solutions can create a new mobile application or develop a new mobile device user interface for a legacy application. You will no longer need paper forms and handwritten notes. Your records will be created and stored electronically on the application's cloud database. You can also access and generate data on the fly. Your work processes will become more cost-efficient, productive, and accurate.

Mobile Development

For existing legacy applications, you must ask these questions:

What business value does my legacy application offer today?

What features of the legacy application do you want to mobile enable?

What benefits and opportunities can be gained by moving a mobile platform?

Does your legacy application have any Application Programming Interface (API) documentation?

Can I make updates or changes to the systems in a timely and economical way?

How will you deal with business processes too complex to be performed on a mobile device?

How will you deal with service interruptions that will require backlogging processes for later completion?

Features Offered

Formatting for Smartphones

You can access the platform from any Apple and Android mobile device by downloading from the app store.


Personalize the application with your logo, company color scheme, or anything else that you would like changed.

Collection of Data in Fields

Fields will be customized with name and the type of data you designate.

Documentation and Forms

Track documents, checklists, notes, and photos in one place. We’ll also create digital versions of industry required forms.

Data Capture

You can pull up a project, upload images, text, forms, set attributes, obtain a signature, record an audio note, and more.


Users can get alerts of new data submissions via the app, email, or text.

Offline Use

If you are not able to access a network connection, work offline and then update with batch posting when back online.


The system supports an unlimited number of users and project files using Windows, Android, and iOS.

Data Security Standards

We’ll implement procedures and processes for employee access to confidential information.

Data Backups

We’ll back up critical data to the cloud regularly.

Disaster Recovery

We’ll create a process for recovering your mobile application data in the event of a disaster.

24/7 Support

SwiftTech offers ongoing support 24/7 by phone, email, or internet portal.

Mobile Development Benefits?

Anywhere access to data

Quicker and more convenient response to requests

Optimized communication with team members in different locations

Automation of existing manual processes

Increased ROI from existing enterprise applications

Increased security of confidential data

For more information about our Mobile Development Services, contact SwiftTech Solutions at 877-794-3811 or email