Hardware as a Service

Pay for your hardware, support, and maintenance as a flat fee service


Lease Your IT Hardware

Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) allows you to pay for ALL your IT services (hardware, security, applications, etc.) as a flat-fee service, therefore eliminating the heavy cash flow hit of upgrading or expanding your IT infrastructure. You will get the latest computing hardware available with industry-leading warranty, same day system replacement, and new hardware replacement every three years for one low monthly rate.

Hardware as a Service

Hardware Available







Network Access Points





Computer Worm

Services Included

Installation, configuration, and deployment of new hardware

Automatic refresh of equipment every 2-5 years

24/7 support

Regular software updates and patches

SwiftTech responsible for hardware repairs

Options at the end of the lease period

Turn in the equipment

Purchase the equipment

Exchange the equipment

Add On Services Included

Desktop as a Service

We can provide cloud-hosted computer desktops for a monthly subscription fee.

Infrastructure as a Service

Virtualize your servers, storage, networking devices, and more to a cloud infrastructure.

Backup as a Service

Protect your IT systems with regular backups and robust security measures.

Technical Support

Our team can provide tech support from our office and at your location.

Compliance as a Service

We’ll use IT to manage reporting tasks and protect against data security threats.

High Quality Standards

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Regular upgrades to new equipment

Predictable monthly payment

Can scale and grow with your needs

No upfront investment

Can write off monthly fee as an expense

Improved productivity

If you’re interested in Hardware as a Service, SwiftTech Solutions can help. Call 877-794-3811 or email info@swifttechsolutions.com for a free consultation.