Mobile Device Management

Manage your mobile devices efficiently and protect sensitive data


Centralized mobile device administration

It's a mobile-first world and it's changing the way your employees get work done. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions help you keep your data secure, access your mobile devices, and help your employees be more productive.

SwiftTech Solutions can help you deploy your Mobile Device Management implementation projects. Our consultants will walk you through each part of the implementation process from enrollment through migration.

mobile device management

Deployment Features

Mobility Assessment

We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business activities and current mobility use.

Best Practice Review

We’ll explain the best practices for deploying your MDM strategy.

Expert Analysis & Recommendations

We’ll examine your assessment and provide recommendations that align with best practices.

Integration with IT Systems

We’ll integrate your MDM platform with organizational data and applications.

Device Enrollment

We’ll help your organization create policies outlining the acceptable use of technology.

Device Specific Policies

We’ll ensure mobile devices use secure methods such as password protection, encryption, and as-needed remote wipe.

Self-Service Portal

We’ll give employees access only to the network resources they need.

Secure Data Tunneling

We’ll create a policy for accessing company IT resources on personal mobile devices.


We’ll connect mobile devices to your organization’s network securely and efficiently.

Onsite & Remote Support

We’ll provide maintenance and support on the enrolled mobile devices.

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