Remote Technical Support

We can provide tech support direct from our offices


Remote support to your employee's computers

Our technicians can resolve many common IT requests directly from our office. With your permission, we can remote onto your device and complete repairs for you. If our remote technician cannot resolve the issue for you, we can dispatch an onsite technician.

remote it support

Device installations and repairs

Monitoring, scanning, updates, patches, and rebooting

PC optimization

Password resets and account unlocks

Restoring access to email accounts

Virus and malware removal

Troubleshooting computer and connectivity issues

Ticket escalation to onsite technician

What to Expect

Our remote technician will instruct users to install remote access software onto their device (if necessary).
Once the software is installed and launched, the user will need to give an access code to the technician.
After the technician enters the code, he/she will gain access to the user's computer files and applications.
The technician will start working on the user's device. The user can either supervise the computer activity or move on to other tasks.
As soon as the technician is finished with the request, the user can revoke access to their computer.
Your company can also allow us to remote into devices when users are away in order to complete maintenance and support tasks.

Why our remote IT support?

Flexible Scheduling

A technician can work on the issue during lunch or after work hours.

Quick Response

You users won’t have to wait for a technician to drive to their location.

Reaches Remote Staff

We can support people working at home, traveling for business, and working out of a branch office.

Multi-Device Support

We’ll support people on their desktops, laptops, servers, networks, mobile devices, VoIP systems, and more.

Easy to Use

We can take care of remediation ourselves instead of having users go through complicated steps.

Improved User Experience

Quicker access to a technician can save users headaches and allow them to get back to work sooner.

User Permission

Our technicians won’t access your computer until your users give consent.

Secure Connection

An encrypted connection prevents unauthorized parties from seeing or getting access to your device.

High Quality Standards

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Plus, SwiftTech Solutions can help your organization spend less in the long run by providing a predictable monthly or yearly fee for keeping your IT systems well maintained.

If you’re interested in hiring a Managed Service Provider for your business, SwiftTech Solutions can help. You can call 877-794-3811 or email for a free consultation.