Data Network Cabling

Support the latest technology with a strong data network cabling system


Network cabling installation

Your data cabling is the foundation of your organization's network infrastructure. Your network must support the latest technology so your business can take advantage of the latest opportunities in the marketplace. SwiftTech Solutions will create a strong data network cabling system that will enable your organization to expand along with anticipated technology growth.

orange county network cabling

Our expert technicians will set up cabling for the following


Wireless access

IP video surveillance


Data center

and more!

Services Offered

Ethernet Cabling

Our team will install Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling.

Copper Cabling

We’ll install cabling for coax, audio, video, and surveillance.

Hardware Installation

We’ll set up a router, switch, and hardware rack and stack backbone plus extension, cross-connect, and testing.

Analog/Digital Phone Lines

We’ll install your analog / pots / 1MB, ISDN / DSL, LXFP/ single loop / EOC,T1 / PRI / DS3 for lighting control, audio/visual, and CCTV.

Purchasing Assistance

We’ll help your business by choosing new hardware and software with competitive pricing.

Our technicians are familiar with commercial high rise building cable systems and are able to extend circuits up multiple floors.

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