Office IT Relocation Services

We'll move your IT systems to your new location while keeping your operations running smoothly.


Office IT Moves

A move to a new location can be an exciting event for your organization. At the same time, this effort can be a time-intensive and aggravating experience for your staff. SwiftTech Solutions can move your IT infrastructure to your new location while keeping your operations running smoothly, minimizing downtime, and alleviating worry for your staff.

Office IT Relocation Services

Services Offered

Project Management

We’ll manage each stage of the move including planning milestones and notifying stakeholders of status updates.

Purchasing Assistance

We’ll help you buy new equipment from our network of distributors at competitive prices.

Pre-Move Preparations

We’ll prepare for the move including walk-throughs, floor plans, labeling of wires, and equipment inventory.

Telecom Connections

We’ll assist with installing phone lines, moving of existing phone numbers, and scheduling a cut-over time.

Server Setup

We’ll manage each step of your server setup including installation, migration, configuration, and testing.

Server Room Layout

We’ll set up your server racks and cabinets at your location.

Data Migration

We’ll transfer your data to your new devices.

Backup & Recovery

We’ll back up your data offsite and/or to the cloud.

Workstation Setup

We’ll set up your desktops and laptops, plus configure broadband/Wi-Fi access, software installation, and user testing.

Cabling Install

We’ll run cables through your walls including Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6, Fiber, Cat 7.

Network Setup

We’ll set up your Wi-Fi, firewall, DNS record cutover, and static IP address.

Printer Setup

We’ll install, configure, and test your printers.

Equipment Packing

We’ll pack your desktops, servers, networking equipment, phones, and more in protective materials.

Equipment Disposal

We’ll send broken or old equipment to electronics recycling companies.

24/7 Help Desk Support

You’ll have post-move access to 24/7 help desk by phone, email, live chat, and ticket portal.

Why our IT relocation services?

We'll manage the IT office move from beginning to end

We'll control IT costs by leveraging our vendor partner discounts

Planning early can prevent problems that can cause slowed productivity and staff downtime

You'll have access to our 24/7 IT help desk services post-move

Over 15 years of successful location moves

We'll follow a detailed project plan so your IT infrastructure will be migrated quickly and effectively

With our expertise in the handling and managing IT equipment, there will be a greatly reduced risk of data loss

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