CIO Services

Consult with an outsourced Chief Information Officer for your IT strategy


Executive Level IT Leadership

Need IT leadership for your company? SwiftTech Solutions offers CIO (Chief Information Officer) services either on a temporary or a regular basis. Your company will get crucial executive-level IT leadership without the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

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Services Offered

Technology Management

The CIO will implement and maintain your organization’s IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting

We’ll guide you into the most sophisticated and cost-effective technologies used in the business world today.

Cost Reducing Efforts

We will review your costs with you and provide tactical cost minimization plans.

Strategic Planning

Our plan will provide guidance for using technology to meet your business goals.

Major Technology Projects

We’ll implement technology projects that will allow your staff to improve efficiency and grow the business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

We’ll protect your IT systems by setting up regular automated backups and setting up best-practice measures.

System Lifecycle Management Plan

We’ll manage the life of your information systems from conception through retirement.

Scheduled CIO Calls

Our CIO will call your point of contact for a monthly meeting.

Process Engineering

We’ll redesign your IT systems by integrating technology with business process improvement.

Policies & Procedures

We’ll help your organization create policies outlining acceptable use of technology.

Secure Connection

An encrypted connection prevents unauthorized parties from seeing or getting access to your device.

High Quality Standards

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SwiftTech only works with highly trained individuals with industry experience. Our technicians are college-educated and industry-certified, IT professionals. Quite simply, we hire the best and encourage them to expand their knowledge base, share their skills with the team, and take pride in our client relationships. From a customer standpoint, this translates into our ability to put together highly specialized teams that efficiently and effectively deliver results.

If you are interested in CIO services, SwiftTech Solutions can help. You can call 877-794-3811 or email for a free consultation.