Outsourced Help Desk

There's no need to hire additional staff since we'll take care of hiring and training the help desk technicians.


Outsourced Tier 1 and 2 help desk support

Are your IT admins swamped with simple tech support requests? Our Outsourced Help Desk will service your Tier 1 through 2 support requests, such as desktop updates and password resets. By outsourcing these requests, your business will not need to hire additional staff, since we'll take care of hiring and training the help desk technicians. Plus, your IT admins will have more time to focus more on launching technology projects that will grow the business.

outsourced help desk

Our help desk services include support for:

Troubleshooting for basic PC issues

Password resets and account unlocks

Network connectivity issues

Assistance with navigating applications

Contact vendor support on users' behalf

Installations and repairs on computers via remote control

Virus and malware removal

Email account setup

Printer and scanner issues

Services Offered

Tiered Support

Level 1-2 support will work on resolving simple IT support functions.

Quick Response

Phone calls will be answered within 60 seconds.

Flexible Availability

SwiftTech has full or part-time options available for your help desk.

Consulting Services

We’ll meet with designated IT staff and key decision-makers to determine strategic goals.

Priority Levels

We’ll set up several layers of prioritization, depending on the issues your employees typically encounter.

Ticket Escalation

If an issue requires a higher level and/or onsite support, it will be sent to your company’s IT department.

Single Point of Contact

The outsourced IT helpdesk service will be the first point of contact for your employees.

Multi-Device Support

Assistance with desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, VoIP systems, internet, and more.

Purchasing Assistance

We’ll help your business by choosing new office hardware and software with competitive pricing.

Remote Support

We can resolve many of the most common IT issues from our office and escalate as needed.

Consistent Support Experience

Our helpdesk is trained to follow a common set of procedures instead of trying different solutions at random.

Self-Help Resources

Your staff will get access to our knowledge base so they can solve their issues on their timeline.

Service Level Agreement

We will ensure our help desk department is meeting our commitments by enforcing a Service Level Agreement.

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

We’ll provide monthly reports for tickets, accounting, and metrics.

How will our Outsourced Help Desk services benefit you?

Increased support availability

Delegation of simple IT support functions

Improved customer relationships

Lower operating costs

Reduced employee downtime

Access to new IT skill sets

If your company is interested in Outsourced Help Desk services, SwiftTech Solutions can help. We have over 15 years of experience as a Managed Service Provider for SMBs, enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. You can call us at 877-794-3811 or email info@swifttechsolutions.com.