Co-Location Services

Host your servers in a fully equipped data center


Hosting in a Data Center

SwiftTech Solutions offers hosting of your IT equipment within a secure data center through our Co-Location Management services. Instead of keeping your equipment in your office or setting up your own data center, you'll rent space inside a server room. We'll provide data center resources, such as power, bandwidth, networking, and cooling systems. Your company will provide the servers, storage, and networking equipment, whether its owned or leased through a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offering.

data center colocation services

Our Co-Location Management Services Include:

Data Center Space

Your equipment will be housed in a large facility inside cabinets or on racks.

Tough Security

The data center is protected from unauthorized access through the use of video surveillance, secure key fobs, and lockable cabinets.

Network Connectivity

The data center will provide high bandwidth solutions that are secure and reliable.

Continuous Power

The data center is protected from power outages by using dual backup generators.

Cooling Systems

The data center will prevent heat-related damage to equipment with monitoring and alerting systems.

Fire Protection Systems

Your equipment will be protected from fire damage with auto interruption to power, smoke detectors, and sprinkler system.

Architecture Planning

A certified engineer will assist with the planning, installation, and configuration of your data center infrastructure.

24/7 Support

We’ll manage the ongoing maintenance and support of your data center equipment.

High Quality Standards

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Co-Location Benefits:

No upfront costs related to building, maintaining, and updating a data center facility

Improves operations while lowering costs

Can scale up data center space with business growth

Turns a capital expense into an operating expense

Frees up space in your office

For more information about our co-location services, you can call 877-794-3811 or email for a free consultation.