IT Management Service

A strategic approach to managing your complex IT requirements


Get IT management help where you need it without the overhead

SwiftTech Solutions is a provider of IT Management services. We work in areas that require significant IT management expertise, develop plans, manage projects, and implement policies and procedures. We are the perfect choice for businesses who need help managing their IT infrastructure but do not need level 1 & 2 support or the tools. We provide an in-depth review of the inner workings of your virtual, physical, or procedural problems along with remediation planning. Our team of experts can help you with everything from planning and designing your IT infrastructure to implementing and managing it. We also offer a wide range of support services to keep your business up and running.

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IT Management Service Benefits:

Enhanced productivity by utilizing available resources

Increased efficiency with less disruption

Improved security within the IT environment

Better decision-making capability

Reduced downtime and improved system resilience

Security awareness and training programs

Project management on important IT-related goals

Better alignment with business strategy

Improved manageability and supportability

Higher staff morale

Services Include

IT Assessment & Improvements

We can provide you with everything from comprehensive IT assessments to specific recommendations for improving your IT infrastructure. In addition, we can help you develop a plan for implementing these improvements in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective.

IT Security

We will help with creating or revising your company’s security Policies & Procedures. Also, we help assess the security risks and vulnerabilities of the customer’s systems, develop/implement security controls, and provide a plan for ongoing security measures. The amount of security we recommend starts with the customer’s requirements and any specific industry standards.

Disaster Planning

We can assist in evaluating and planning for disaster recovery. We can help you assess your risk and develop a plan to protect your business in a disaster. This can include the logical, physical, and financial aspects. We can also create written documentation in the form of a Backup & Disaster Recovery Policy or format it for inclusion in the more extensive documentation.


Review or create a maintenance plan for the computer systems, servers, and networks. We will include thorough documentation in the plan and ensure the format is repeatable. We can draft a policy as a stand-alone document or include it in a larger one.

Team Building

A successful organization needs an effective team to help it achieve its goals. We can help you build and retain a great IT team for the long term or projects. This includes assistance in getting and qualifying candidates, defining roles and responsibilities, interviewing candidates, and negotiating offers.


Once we identify the areas of interest and critical information, we can create customized reporting. We can turn the identifiable data we customized for the end reader into repeatable action. This results in templates and properly documented processes and procedures, which you can count on and use.


We will collaborate with other consultants on large projects. Also, we will monitor the progress of projects and then provide updates to stakeholders. Providing an experienced centralized contact to help facilitate ongoing progress will keep projects on time and within budget.

IT Cost

We identify potential areas for cost savings and then make recommendations including consolidation or procedures. We assist in IT budgets and help make costs more predictable. Additionally, our market knowledge helps put us in a unique negotiating position to understand technology costs in the industry.

Optional Managed Archiving

Your organization can archive your data at scheduled intervals for an additional charge

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