Managed Endpoint Security & RMM for Business

Powerful, Managed Endpoint Security Solutions for Business with Remote Monitoring & Maintenance.


We Offer Powerful, Fully Managed, Endpoint Security Solutions with Remote Monitoring & Maintenance Included.

Businesses often suffer from various security and stability issues ranging from a lack of computer security protection to just a general lack of maintenance, upkeep, and monitoring of systems. SwiftTech has simple yet effective solutions for your Endpoint Security. We offer innovative security products along with our expert management. In addition, we hit the problem at its root by including Remote Monitoring & Maintenance for each system we deploy.

Our Professionally Managed Service is paired with a next-generation security suite designed to help service providers protect customers’ endpoints against ransomware, zero-day, malware, fileless attacks, and other sophisticated threats.

Does your endpoint security strategy lack...

Protection from ransomware, zero-day, malware, fileless attacks, and other threats?

Written Policy & Procedures, for compliance or otherwise?

An included Remote Monitoring & Maintenance service for your endpoints?

A team of Engineers to monitor, maintain, and manage your security solution?

Ability to comply with your Cyber Insurance requirements?

Advanced Threat & Endpoint Detection Response capabilities?

Ongoing systems OS maintenance by professionals?

Easily accessible Helpdesk support?


How To Start

Sign Up

Review the options, select your “Security as a Service - RMM & Endpoint Protection” package and buy online, or Contact Us for additional information and a formal proposal.

Plan & Implement

A SwiftTech Engineer will work with you to gather your requirements, create an implementation plan for our agents, configure your back-end policies, and deploy your service.

Enjoy Managed Endpoint Protection

We will take it from here. Security will learn automatically and if issues occur, we will receive an alert promptly to remediate the issue. You will receive regular reports about your security services as well.

SwiftTech Managed Security as a Service Endpoint Protection Benefits:

Industry-leading AI-powered security software, constantly evaluated against the industry by our Engineers.

Advanced Threat Protection options for high-end requirements.

Delegate the tedious job of backup management and monitoring.

Ongoing full monitoring and maintenance of all endpoints. We handle OS maintenance!

Innovative Emergency Detection & Response Capabilities.

Fully managed and maintained by our Engineers for customized and optimal deployment by client needs.

Written endpoint security Policy & Procedures for your business.

Fill compliance gaps when it comes to HIPAA, SEC, SOX, PCI, SOC, and more.


Managed Security as a Service Endpoint Protection for Business

*Priced per endpoint per month of service

Managed Endpoint Protection & RMM

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) + Endpoint Protection
$12.50 per month


  • Full On-boarding, deployment & management by experts
  • Professional monitoring & remediation, we’ll take immediate action and report the incident
  • Unlimited scalability, our pricing model leaves you in control
  • Customized & managed recurring maintenance cycles
  • Managed endpoint security software, customized policies, and active review cycles.
  • Managed RMM including critical alerting, scripting, and policy capabilities.


  • Ransomware Mitigation: Restore files after ransomware attacks from secure copies
  • Network Attack Defense: Blocks network-based attacks such as Brute Force or Password Stealers
  • Anti-exploit: Detects exploit techniques, stops 0-day exploits
  • Behaviour monitoring: 0-Trust process monitor, automatically blocks malicious processes
  • Risk Analytics: Find and fix vulnerabilities, track & improve risk scores
  • Web Threat Protection: Behavioral traffic scan, Anti-phishing, Search Advisor
  • Content Control: Restrict user access to applications, sites, or web categories
  • Device Control: Control access and use of external devices
  • Monitor Everything: Comprehensive remote monitoring and management (RMM) software provides a complete view across your network.
  • Automate Recurring Tasks: We can automate repetitive tasks, define sophisticated, multi-level auto-remediation workflows, ensure critical patches are automatically applied and set up a report distribution schedule
  • Discovery and Deployment: Automatic discovery & deployment so no devices go without protection or maintenance
  • Automatic Remediation: We can automatically fix problems like crashed services, hung printers, or full cache issues
  • Reporting: Full range of reporting options across your organization filter and sort by 100s of criteria with our help.

Managed Endpoint Protection, RMM, EDR & ATS

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) + Endpoint Protection + Enhanced Detection & Response (EDR) + Advanced Threat Security (ATS)
$18.50 per month


Includes everything in “Managed Endpoint Protection & RMM” plus management of EDR add-on



Includes everything in “Managed Endpoint Protection & RMM” “CORE (ENDPOINT & RMM)”



Includes everything in “Managed Endpoint Protection + RMM + EDR” “ENDPOINT DETECTION AND RESPONSE (EDR)”



Organizations that are very sensitive about security demand specialized protection against advanced or targeted cyber-attacks. MSPs or MSSPs can meet these needs and grow revenues by offering advanced security or managed threat hunting services using more aggressive tunable machine learning, enhanced sandbox detection, threat context and visibility.

  • Protect customers against targeted and file-less attacks, ransomware, exploits
  • Block attacks at pre-execution with aggressive tunable machine learning
  • Grow revenues by offering a new layer of protection and specialized security services
  • Get security that ranks #1 in 3rd party testing against next-gen and traditional vendors
  • Gain threat context and visibility and enhanced detection with cloud-hosted sandbox
  • Simplify security & reduce costs with the comprehensive layered MSP Suite

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Services Offered

Onsite Backup

We’ll run backups at your location using either VMware or Hyper-V industry-leading platforms

Cloud Backup

We’ll run additional backups to AWS or Windows Azure cloud servers

Storage Device

We’ll include a device to store your onsite backups

Backup Server

The backup server included will process backups and restorations to prevent loss of data


Backup software licenses are included with our monthly service


Our support team will monitor your backups around the clock

Restore from Snapshots

If disaster strikes, we can restore your server to an earlier working backup

Disaster Recovery

We’ll set up procedures for recovering your IT infrastructure following a disaster

Optional Managed Archiving

Your organization can archive your data at scheduled intervals for an additional charge

24/7 Helpdesk Support

Your staff can contact our team for tech support by phone, email, and online portal