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What is Microsoft Bookings?

Bookings is an appointment scheduling app that is part of Microsoft 365.

How does Microsoft Bookings work?

  1. You provide a web calendar for internal and external contacts.
  2. The calendar lists the time slots available during your office hours.
  3. Someone selects a time to meet with you and enters their contact information.
  4. Outlook will send confirmation and reminder emails.
  5. The appointment will show up on your Outlook calendar.
  6. The contact can go back to the calendar to change or cancel appointments.

What meeting inconveniences can Microsoft Bookings prevent?

  • Wasted time with phone and email tag
  • No shows
  • Double bookings
  • Missed appointments

How do you use Microsoft Bookings?

  • Launch Bookings app. Go to the Microsoft 365 website and log in. Select Bookings from the list of available apps.
  • View the Calendar section with all the appointments made by customers to staff members.
  • Configure and publish the Booking page. Set up the color scheme, meeting time increments, available hours, and email notifications.
  • Import your contacts into the Customers section.
  • Add employees to the Staff section.
  • Add the services the customers will be booking appointments for and assign them to staff members.
  • Include details in the Business section. For example, the company name, address, phone, logo, and hours.
  • Share the calendar. Send a direct link to the booking page, post a link on social media, and embed the calendar code on your website.

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