Business Technology Analysisusing technology to reduce busy work

When our employees spend a substantial portion of their time doing busy work, it wastes the time they need for more critical tasks. Also, busy work can be stressful for employees who feel the pressure to keep up with their regular workload and their backlog of menial tasks. Furthermore, spending time on these tasks can demoralize experienced and skilled employees. Fortunately, technology can help employees reduce the time they spend on busy work so they can focus on more critical tasks.

Oftentimes, paperwork and side projects pile up on the desk of your average office worker. As it accumulates, it becomes more overwhelming for employees to tackle, leaving no time for their main tasks. Also, busy work is the leading cause of stress in the workplace. When employees feel they have enough time and resources to do their work, they are 70% less likely to experience burnout.

To reduce employee workload, you can automate busy work. Using process automation technology can allow staff to focus on strategic growth initiatives, while the software handles mundane tasks. Automating tasks like sending e-mails and entering data into spreadsheets can help employees lower stress and focus on more skilled tasks.

Delegating is another way to take pressure off staff overloaded with busy work. Firstly, you can hire specialists to complete the task. When each employee receives fewer deadlines to hit and more time to focus on their primary duties, it lessens the burden for your entire staff. Secondly, assigning tasks to certain people or scheduling a day to work on those tasks can be helpful. Consequently, if you stay organized and on schedule, delegating is an effective way to reduce busy work.

Providing self-service HR processes is another way to reduce busy work for the entire workforce. Self-service portals allow employees to clock themselves in and out of work. This reduces unnecessary email correspondence and the need for employees to manually confirm they completed certain tasks. Also, self-service processes reduce the workload of busy HR employees that need their attention focused on more skilled tasks.

By using technology to reduce busy work, you can lessen staff workload, streamline company operations, and alleviate worker stress. Also, automation, delegation, and virtual human resources can allow more time for business growth projects. If you are interested in speaking to an Orange County IT Consulting expert, please contact us at or 877-794-3811.