Business Technology AnalysisSlack

Are your employees losing track of critical conversations and files in a cluttered inbox? We would recommend trying out the FREE version of Slack for your internal team communications.

Slack is an online workplace messaging platform that brings messaging, tools, and files together. With this platform, your team can:

  • Communicate in channels organized by projects, topics, and teams
  • Search in your archived message history for future reference
  • Bring in data from different services like SalesforceBoxAsana, and Zapier
  • Share channels with external parties such as clients, vendors, and partners
  • Conduct voice and video calls complete with screen sharing
  • Drag-and-drop PDFs, images, videos, and other files
  • Install the platform on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices

Plus, Slack keeps your organization’s data secure in its software by implementing enterprise-ready security features and complying with various industry and cloud service standards.

You can try the free version of Slack by going to If you would like assistance with setting up the platform, please contact us at 877-794-3811 or