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Numerous professionals these days are not just doing their work in the office, but at home and while on the move. You should be prepared to stay in communication with work colleagues, clients, and service providers continuously. As mentioned in, 75% of small business workers use a personal cell phone for work. Any missed calls can result in client dissatisfaction and loss of would-be customers to competitors.

Unified Communications delivers a simpler way for you to contact people. It provides access to your voice, email, instant messaging, fax, and conferencing systems in a single platform. For instance, you can check your work email from your cell phone or use your laptop computer to make a conference call.

What features are included in Unified Communications systems?

  • VoIP integration
  • Send voicemail message sound file to an email
  • Use the same phone number on different devices
  • Send an email of the transcribed voicemail message
  • Combine calendars and scheduling
  • Access social media streams in the dashboard
  • Include Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce applications
  • Log in to work mail on tablets and smartphones
  • …and more!

What are the benefits of Unified Communications?

  • Make affordable worldwide phone calls: You will not need to use your minutes on your voice and data plan. Simply sign in to your unified communications portal to make your phone call.
  • Boost efficiency by accessing alternate communication methods instantly
  • Answer back to staff, clientele, and partners in a prompt manner
  • Sales staff can close deals quicker by allowing work colleagues to reach them on their most efficient mode of communication
  • Prevent phone tag by routing calls to the employee’s preferred device
  • Enhanced communication levels among team members
  • Supports best practice BYOD policies
  • Reduces operating costs by offering less dependence on landlines and decreases the need to add more locations
  • Makes it possible for employees to work remotely if they have an internet connection
  • A Unified Communications system can grow with the business
  • Saves time and money on travel

SwiftTech Solutions can assist in transitioning your employees to a Unified Communications system by evaluating your current business phone infrastructure. We will help you plan, purchase, and install a Unified system best suited for your business requirements. For more information, you can call us at 877-794-3811 or email for a free assessment.

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